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1970 Chevrolet Impala
(Featured on 2nd January 2012)

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Impala
Year: 1970

Sellers original description:

1970 Chevrolet Impala.

Absolutely beautiful!

A must see and drive classic..

As most Impala lovers know, this is a very hard car to find. It is a "one year only" body. I remember my father taking me to ball practice in one of these and I still remember how nice it ran and drove after a hot day on the field. I will never forget the cool ride home, I knew one day i'd have one for myself. They were the best classic convertible around at that time and I still think they have great lines and looks, i've been looking for a real nice one for almost 20 years and now i've found two very nice one's in one week! This is the one i'm going to sell only because the other one has a 454 and buckects/ console, but this car was hard not to keep anyway! It's an amazing rust free car loaded with cold a/c and runs and drives like brand new. This convertible is all original except for one repaint that is in better than a new finish!! Absolutely beautiful paint finish - original condition and rust free. Complete with all options, power windows, cold a/c, power steering, power brakes.This is one stunning convertible that is truly ready in it's red paint finish, red interior, with factory boot. 

Value in collector cars is all about the right color combination and original condition.

This is truly a fine example of one of Chevy's best.


1970 chevrolet impala 1

1970 chevrolet impala front

1970 chevrolet impala 2

1970 chevrolet impala 3

1970 chevrolet impala 4

1970 chevrolet impala back

1970 chevrolet impala 5

1970 chevrolet impala trunk

1970 chevrolet impala wheel

1970 chevrolet impala engine bay

1970 chevrolet impala interior 1

1970 chevrolet impala interior 2

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