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1974 Citroen 2CV White
(Featured on 11th April 2013)

Make: Citroen
Model: 2CV
Year: 1974

Sellers original description:

Citroen 2cv 39 year old but absolutely like a new 2cv in all aspects, yet never seen any tools except for usual but meticulous maintenance such as when changing oil, tires or brakes.

This is not the average totally rusted, and almost entirely dead and then restored 2cv being offered for profit almost every year!

Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion there is nothing wrong to work on a dead vehicle and bring them back to life and sell for profit but reality is, a restored 2cv or any vehicle for that matter that was started as a rust bucket can hardly ever escape rust attacks for ever.

Unfortunately rust does come back, no matter how much metal is cut away and replaced and how good a job is done to get rid of all the cancerous rust on the body, frames, joints and chassis, once rust penetrates into these metals rust comes back, period.

2cv is known to be weak and fragile against rust in several areas. Almost all 2CVs at some point in their lives have to face rust attack if they’re not particularly looked after and care for with tremendous attention.

Back then almost all 2CVs were purchased new as a low maintenance inexpensive commuter cars in the 1960s,70s,80s, by students, teachers, small businesses, or just easy going folks at the time when they were manufacturing these beautiful things.

Unfortunately these owners never thought to keep their 2cv in impeccable shape and away from rust attacks. Looking after the engine, transmission, brakes and suspension and all other mechanical parts was almost never an important thing for them.

After a while they sold these 2cv to people with even less financial abilities or people with taste for fun inexpensive cars and again, mostly to students.

Result of course is what we see today. All these 2CVs are either in some junk yard around Europe or restored by entrepreneurs for a profit.

This is why it’s very hard (if not impossible) to see a 2cv that is never rusted with perfect engine, transmission and perfect all other mechanical and the little electronic 2cv offers and never restored nor repaired yet all original!

No bubble under the paint, never needed to be restored or painted or rebuild in any way or shape, never needed to be repaired in any way or shape but always maintained to the bone and always checked for perfection but no less!

The national Museum of Automobile in Mulhouse France has offered to purchase this 2cv to own and keep her in Europe but we refused to let go so far, we like to try and keep this unique and magnificent piece of automobile history within North America.

There are only few 2cv known to exist with these rare compliments, and she is one of them.


1974 citroen 2cv white 1

1974 citroen 2cv white front

1974 citroen 2cv white 2

1974 citroen 2cv white 3

1974 citroen 2cv white 4

1974 citroen 2cv white back

1974 citroen 2cv white trunk

1974 citroen 2cv white engine bay

1974 citroen 2cv white interior

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