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1969 Dodge Charger RT HEMI 4 Speed
(Featured on 3rd August 2011)

Make: Dodge
Model: Charger
Year: 1969

Sellers original description:

Investment grade 1969 Dodge Charger R/T HEMI 4 speed !

In the muscle car era, speed was easy to come across. Every brand hocked their own high performance machines, and many of them were deserving of their reputations. Fewer cars from that moment in time could be called beautiful, with wings, big graphics and add-ons the norm for Detroit stylists. There are a lucky few, however, which managed to be both, and the 1969 Dodge Charger R/T stands proudly at the top of that list. Sleek, graceful lines, upscale interiors and classic colors defined the shell while the R/T in the grille told of tire-churning power. There aren't any garish trim options on this car, save for the pair of emblems on the doors and the stripe around the tail, to give this Hemi powered car's intentions away, and that was the plan from day one. Sophisticated and brutal, this exquisitely restored, numbers matching, Galen inspected, documented, four speed car is the perfect blend of collectability, style and substance.

With a mere 207 Hemis coupled to four speeds in 1969 Chargers you have a very limited selection to work with. That said, this one has to be near the top: Brilliant Dark Green Metallic paint looks fantastic next to the saddle interior?it's a combination which has graced Europe's finest cars since the dawn of motoring. Some people don't appreciate F8, but frequently the color they have in their heads isn't what Chrysler intended. It's a luminescent hue with shades of gold throughout, and it's dazzling. Inferior paint jobs and older restorations are more often dull and without the gold glow, and the difference is staggering. The stainless trim and chrome is in excellent, restored condition with a high shine. The white stripe on the tail and new badging complete the exterior.

Here's the layout and breakdown of the original fender tag:

M31 N85 R11 V8W 26 END
A33 C16 C55 G33 J25 M21
F8 F8 C6T T3 C09 xxxxxx
E74 D21 XS29 J9B xxxxxx

M31 Sill moldings
N85 Tachometer
R11 Am radio
V8W White bumblebee stripe 
26 (width of radiator opening)
END (no additional fender tags to follow)
A33 Track Pack with 3.54 gears, Dana 60 rear
G11 Tinted glass, all windows
C16 Center console
C55 Bucket seats
G33 Outside remote mirror
J25 Three speed wipers
M21 Drip rail moldings
F8 Dark Green Poly
C6G Charger bucket seats, saddle vinyl
T3 Light tan upper door frame paint
C09 December 09, 1968 scheduled build date
Xxxxxx (sequence number)
E74 426 Hemi, 425hp 2x4 bbls
D21 Four speed manual transmission
XS29 Charger R/T sportsroof
J9B 426HP, 1969 build, Hamtramck assembly

On the Chrysler Corporation Broadcast Sheet, you'll also find C31 head restraints (not mandatory until Jan. 1, 1969,) the S81 wood-grain wheel, U64 F70x15 Goodyear white line tires on W21 15x6 steel wheels and you'll see it was a Y14 sold order. Redlines now reside at the corners, and the steering was converted over to power with all of the right parts, but we doubt few will mind the changes! The sheet we have is a photocopy of the original, which is noted on the Galen report. The copy is clear and legible, so you can see exactly how the car was laid out!

We have a full visual inspection report from Galen Govier for this car. This isn't the $30 registry entry: This is where he shows up, looks the car over and critiques it. He confirmed the casting numbers on the motor and transmission are correct by date code and VIN stamp. He also states that the body, fender tag and VIN tag are original and belong together. All of this is not only documented in his appraisal and written report, but every important part of the car was photographed, printed out and delivered in a three ring binder. This costs more than $1000?it's very thorough and very helpful to prove the value of your investment!

Under the hood is the ORIGINAL Hemi engine with its original carburetors?do you know how horrific the survival rate of these motors was? Backing that up is the ORIGINAL numbers matching 4 speed transmission. Likewise many of these didn't live past the 12/12 warranty! That's the original wiper motor and reproduction ballast resistor on the firewall connected to a reproduction engine wiring harness, the original air cleaner, 4619S and 4620S carbs, exhaust manifolds and more. There's a reproduction battery, wire-set, new reproduction heater and radiator hoses along with the original 054 radiator and new battery cables. The car starts and runs as it should, shifts well and tracks straight.

There's a lot to like about the fully restored interior. Legendary seat covers, headliner and carpeting make up the new soft trim while Auto Instruments redid the gauges and bezels. The original center console is clean; the original dash pads and steering wheel are in excellent shape. New sill plates add shine along with new door handles and armrest bases. 
The trunk floor is clean and is covered by a new mat, kept company by the new spare and jack. Look underneath to find floor-pans that were completely stripped and painted to match the body during the rotisserie restoration, along with the new and correct exhaust down to the clamps and resonators, fuel and brake systems. There are only a few hundred miles since the car was completed, so all is fresh. The same applies to the numbers matching engine and transmission, which were gone through completely.

With style and power the Charger R/T has already gone down in history as one of the best looking, most balanced cars to ever emerge from the United States. In fact, here at Best of Show, we'd say it's the most popular muscle car of all time. Sure, there are more Chevelles, Camaros and Mustangs out there, but the Chargers we roll out tend to get pounced on quickly and intensely. With its original Hemi engine and transmission, classic color combination, documentation and provenance, this numbers matching 1969 Dodge Charger R/T HEMI 4 speed is as desirable as they come.


1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed 1

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed front

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed 2

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed 3

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed 4

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed back

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed 5

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed trunk

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed wheel

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed engine bay 1

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed engine bay 2

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed underside

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed interior 1

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed interior 2

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed interior 3

1969 dodge charger rt hemi 4 speed speedometer

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