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1969 Dodge Super Bee A12
(Featured on 8th May 2011)

Make: Dodge
Model: Super Bee
Year: 1969

Sellers original description:

1969 Dodge Super Bee A12

Blatant? You could say that. Speed, looks, and comfort, sure, but you're simply not going to ..subtle.. in the A12 lexicon. Built for nothing more than crushing the guy in the next lane on an avenue called Woodward these lift-off hood Super Bees were kings of the street, with a legacy as large as its ultra-cool fiberglas hood scoop.

Here's the original fender tag broken down:
131345 271256 9A261xxx
925 999 603
26 A12
8X C16
96 96 M6X X9
WM23 E63 D21 426 924199
131345 (2 digit gate number, 3 digit base number)
271256 6 digit line sequence number
9 Year 1969
A Lynch Rd. assembly plant
261xxx serial number
925 Engine code, 440 six pack w/4 speed
999 Special rear axle (4.10 Dana 60)
603 Transmission code, Hemi 4 speed
26 26" Radiator
A12 440 3-2bbl engine conversion package
8X Black transverse (bumble bee) stripe
C16 Center console
96 Body paint code (butterscotch, late 1969 availability)
96 Roof / vinyl roof color (same code indicates monotone paint)
M6X Bucket seat interior, black
X9 Upper door frame paint
WM23 Coronet Super Bee two door hardtop
E63 Engine (cars started as 383 4BBL)
D21 4 Speed manual
426 Scheduled production date (Apr 26)
924199 Vehicle order number

This particular Dodge Super Bee has been made more special with unusual options such as power steering, the six way manual seat adjuster, optional quarter panel scoops, woodgrain steering wheel, clock and the AM radio. Every attempt has been made to duplicate the car's factory options rather than add on parts that don't belong.

Under the hood, there's a correct 054 radiator up front hooked up to the motor by reproduction radiator and heater hoses with correct Corbin clamps. Date coded spark plug wires connect to an original 2875981 Prestolite dual point distributor and ride in reproduction wire looms. The original air cleaner assembly hosts a correct reproduction air cleaner element and hides the rebuilt and detailed carbs, complete with the proper choke and fast idle solenoid assemblies. The completely rebuilt motor is a true '68 440HP mill that replaces the long gone original, with fresh everything and a Comp XE252H cam for a little more bite. The batterys right, with new cables, the correct PCV valve and hose are in place, there's orange over spray on the manifolds and even the "paint OK" stamp on the right fender--this is a trophy-collecting machine.

A full rotisserie restoration, with Butterscotch paint everywhere (including correctly done over spray over the right gray dip primer on the undercarriage) was the only way to treat a car as special as this one. Freshly rebuilt brakes front and rear bring the car to a halt with new lines and hoses. A new reproduction exhaust system complete with reproduction Hemi mufflers, correct clamps and resonators sounds great from outside but doesn't drone while driving-a nice touch. The steering and front suspension is all new from one dust cap to the other and from the rebuilt steering column to the bottom of the Pitman arm. A new fuel tank, sender and new lines supply fuel forward and round out a well detailed, rebuilt chassis. Open up to the trunk to find a brand new Goodyear spare, the proper, restored jack and a new trunk mat complete with proper part numbers on the back.

Inside you..ll find a mix of mint original parts with high quality reproductions. New gauge bezels add sparkle, as do the new armrest bases, window cranks and inside door handles. All soft trim from the headliner to the door panels to the carpet is new from Legendary while the original Hurst shifter pokes out of an excellent original console. The restored gauges and heater console read brightly and accurately, the upper door frames were repainted and accent the new door panels, and the seats are perfect for a decent cruise, especially with the six way seat adjuster.

The body is very straight, the gaps are excellent and the doors close very nicely. Open the doors to reveal zinc plated latches and strikers as well as excellent paint in the jambs. Up front you..ll find a freshly re-chromed bumper underneath a mint grille and proper GE headlamps before moving up to that mammoth black hood. The riveted hood pin bezels are correct (only steel hoods got screws) as are the short lanyards. The bright work on the car is in superb shape with an excellent shine. The rear bumper is also re-chromed and sits below an excellent tail panel and taillight set. Four correct black steel H wheels are wrapped with brand new F70x15 Goodyear redlines.

Mopar Action did a center spread on the Super Bee in February 2007 after spotting it winning a second place class trophy at the '06 Nats a well deserved reward for a three-year restoration!


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