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1995 Dodge Viper
(Featured on 4th March 2011)

Make: Dodge
Model: Viper
Year: 1995
Mileage: 1,100

Sellers original description:

1995 Dodge Viper R/T 10 with only 1,100 miles on it. This car has never seen the light of day for more than a few hours at a time and has always been stored in a climate-controlled garage. It is in brand new condition. If you've ever looked at, or are looking for a Viper, I don't think you'll see another of this quality. This car has optional air conditioning. It still has the original tires. In fact, it is all original except for the battery. There are none of the typical scratches on the interior-not the door handles, glove box nor shifter. The side-curtains are scratch-free and in excellent condition. All the wheels are in excellent condition with no curb marks. The rotors still have the silver area that disappears on a car with minimal use. Even the throttle remains in transport mode because it has been driven so rarely. The car has full documentation, including the owner's manual, window sticker and dealer information. The Red exterior with Cognac leather interior color combination makes this car even more collectible. Of the 458 Red cars produced, very few had the Cognac interior-making this car rarer than such coveted muscle cars as the Hemi Cuda or Big Block Corvette or Camaro. Its value will surely only increase with time. I could go on and on describing the car, but all that needs to be said is the car only has 1,100 miles on it...it's as good as it gets!


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1995 dodge viper engine bay

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