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1990 Ferrari 348 TS
(Featured on 18th June 2011)

Make: Ferrari
Model: 348 TS
Year: 1990
Mileage: 24,811

Sellers original description:

1990 Ferrari 348 TS. If you are looking for as close to perfect sub $50K Ferrari this is the one. In a scale from 0 to 10 ... mechanically is a 10, cosmetically a clear 9 1/2. This car comes with the original Ferrari tools and service receipts since new. Below is a list of enhancements I did in my 3 years ownership of this splendid vehicle.

Major service:

The Major service was completed on 4-10-2011 with the odometer at 24,543 miles.
Besides the usual items included in the 30K service, the very expensive water pump and thermostat were also replaced.
Lube ... RedLine 10W40 for Engine and RedLine 75W90NS for Gear Box (better shifting)
The Clutch was inspected during the major service and found to be about 80% thickness.

Cosmetic updates:

Interior aluminium Hill Engineering update including driver and passenger dead pedals.
Door sills are newly power coded black and they sport a brush steal Ferrari logo.
Brake calipers are newly painted red.
Pininfarina ash tray logo.
Fenders Yoshi Scuderia Shields.
European Floor mats with Scuderia Shield logo.
All sticky interiors have been done.

Electrical updates:

Sony Radio with CD, remote and I-Pod connector.
Keyless Remote alarm.
Windows have had the relays updates and they roll up/down fast.

Performance updates:

K&N Air Filter.
Nouvolari Hyper Flow Catalytic Converters.
Nouvolari Sport Muffler.
Carbon Fiber Front Spoiler.
360 Rims + new tires Bridgestone Potenza S02-A with full 4 wheel alignment + height reset.

I never experienced a CEL or slow down error codes.

The AC blows ice cold, the automatic temperature control is fully functional with no error codes, both side electrical mirrors moving freely in all directions.

The combination of K&N Air Filter + Hi Flow Catalytic Converters + Sport Muffler gives the engine a fantastic heavenly sound with improved breathing and increased HP.


1990 ferrari 348 ts 1

1990 ferrari 348 ts front

1990 ferrari 348 ts 2

1990 ferrari 348 ts 3

1990 ferrari 348 ts back

1990 ferrari 348 ts 4

1990 ferrari 348 ts engine bay

1990 ferrari 348 ts wheel

1990 ferrari 348 ts interior 1

1990 ferrari 348 ts interior 2

1990 ferrari 348 ts speedometer

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