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1984 Ferrari 512 BBI
(Featured on 8th May 2011)

Make: Ferrari
Model: 512 BBI
Year: 1984

Sellers original description:

1984 Ferrari 512 BBI

Vin number: ZFFJA09B000045929.

While the 308 was nice, those who wanted more power stepped up to this monster: The 512BBi Berlinetta Boxer. Powered by a 5 litre flat 12, styled by Pininfarina and exotic even when new, these cars are as exciting to see now as when they were new. Fully serviced, owner history comprehensively known through FML, rising in value and in excellent condition this 512 belongs in your collection.

Service is paramount in a Ferrari, and this car's seen it all. Last October, the gearbox was removed, torn down and resealed by Ferrari of New England. The month before the car passed a comprehensive safety inspection, received new brake pads, a full detail, a battery tender and wheel bearing adjustment. In 2008, Ferrari of Denver performed the extremely expensive timing belt service, replacing everything from minor gaskets to the belt tensioners to the spark plugs and wireset to the filters. $10,685 later it was ready to roll. They also rebuilt or replaced nearly every troublesome part, such as the fuse block, coolant expansion tank, rear main seal, ignition resistors, A/C compressor (now converted to R134a and working very well,) both fuel pumps and more. What we do NOT have (and this could be an issue for our California customers) is the original federalization or DOT paperwork. If you live in most states, this simply isn't necessary any more as the car is beyond 25 years old, but please check if you're uncertain. If the answer is ..yes.. our other 512BBi is fully 50 state certified and emissions compliant.

Carfax holds title records back to 1989 on the car, and the ownership chain from that point forward is fully known. The car was purchased by European Auto in Costa Mesa, CA, from Garage Francorchamps in Brussels in 1983. The original owner kept the car for a year, where it sold nearly immediately to the second owner. Five years later (with possible gaps in between) the car made its way to New York, where our chain picks up once again. Of course, you will receive all of this information, neatly filed in a rather thick binder.

Outside, the Rosso Corsa red paint is in excellent condition, with small, expertly done touch ups done throughout the years. We would rate the finish as an 8.5/10, and we're very strict graders. The original TRX-spec knock off wheels are in very nice, original shape and are surrounded by nearly new 240/55/VR415 tires. Bumpers front and rear, as well as other blacked-out parts on the shell, are very nice, as are the lights and lenses. All original glass is in place and looks great, as do the grilles front and rear. Perhaps the coolest feature of the car is how opening the front and rear hatches exposes so much of the mechanical parts of the body that the car stops people in their tracks at a show.

Inside, the original Daytona-style seats are in excellent condition, clean and with very minimal creasing. The dashboard is one of the best you'll find, devoid of warping or shrinkage. All of the switchgear works from the lights to the HVAC, and the original Pioneer cassette radio and graphic equalizer are in place. Coatchtrim embroidered floor mats and newer Pioneer speakers in the dash are the only changes from new. An important note about the interior: If you're even the slightest bit cramped in a 308 or Testarossa you most likely will not fit in this car. Head, shoulder and leg room are all down compared to those cars. If you're concerned, find one to sit in or come visit us. We'd rather lose the sale beforehand than have an unhappy customer. For those who do fit you're in for a real treat. As cool as the 308 sounds and feels, the 512 cranks up the experience to untold levels. The even heavier clutch transfers mountains of torque and high RPM horsepower in equal parts to the pavement and to your soul. You hear the noise, you feel the noise. While the 308 is a very nice street car the 512 seems like a race car with a body on it. 360 horsepower doesn't sound like a lot these days, a 0-60 sprint in 5.4 and a top speed of 188mph are nothing to take lightly.

Quite rare with only 1,007 built over four years these boxers are steadily appreciating in prestige and value. Prices have crested six-figure territory, this example's documents, mechanicals and condition are in order, and there's tremendous upside potential for the investor.


1984 ferrari 512 bbi 1

1984 ferrari 512 bbi front

1984 ferrari 512 bbi 2

1984 ferrari 512 bbi 3

1984 ferrari 512 bbi 4

1984 ferrari 512 bbi engine bay

1984 ferrari 512 bbi wheel

1984 ferrari 512 bbi dashboard

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