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1979 Fiat 124 Spider
(Featured on 18th June 2011)

Make: Fiat
Model: 124
Year: 1979

Sellers original description:

Here is a gorgeous 1979 Fiat 124 spider that looks great in its rare color combination of Bianco (White) over a beautiful blue interior! This Fiat 124 is in very good condition and runs great!!! This car is a desert southwest car and is incredibly solid and rust free!!! The interior is in very nice shape and the car was recently re-freshened with a new paint job. The chrome on the car is in nice shape. These Fiat 124s are great cars to drive and drive like much more modern cars than say a Triumph spitfire or MG. They have a very solid well built feel going down the road. This car rides and handles great and is a very smooth riding car. This is a car that you could log hundreds of miles in in an day and enjoy every minute of it. These Fiats are great modes of transportation and were ahead of there time when new, from the twin cam 4 cylinder engine to the 5 speed gear box. This is a great car to take out on a nice spring or summer day and go for a fun drive. This rust free FIAT 124 is a great collector's item, that is surely to appreciate in value over the years.


1979 fiat 124 spider 1

1979 fiat 124 spider front

1979 fiat 124 spider 2

1979 fiat 124 spider 3

1979 fiat 124 spider back

1979 fiat 124 spider engine bay

1979 fiat 124 spider interior 1

1979 fiat 124 spider interior 2

1979 fiat 124 spider interior 3

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