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1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 SOHC Cammer
(Featured on 8th May 2011)

Make: Ford
Model: Mustang Mach 1
Year: 1970

Sellers original description:

1970 Ford Mustang Mach 1 SOHC Cammer.

SOHC. Say it ..sock.., ..cammer,.. or spell out S-O-H-C: People pay attention. When you're talking about the most powerful engine Ford built during the 1960's, and even more about its mystique, gestation and dominance, there's a level of reverence unmatched by any other muscle-era motor. We're big fans of the Hemi, and the sight of a real ZL-1 car stands the hair on the backs of our necks straight up, but they're second class compared to one of these monster motors. Encase it in a beautifully restored '70 Mustang Mach 1, and you've got a hellraiser of a present in a very attractive wrapper!

Decoding the VIN, you'll find this is a Dearborn, MI-built, Mach 1 Sportsroof which was originally equipped with a 351 2bbl engine. Sadly, that configuration is all show and no go, which is certainly not the case now. It is nice to start with a true performance model, though, as all of the trim is in place. The body was rust free, requiring only the usual straightening from door dings and the like that are typical of a 40 year old car. Acapulco Blue, tinted slightly darker than stock, was chosen for the body. That's not usually a ..manly.. color for a Mustang, but the deeper tint, grayed-out trim, bright wheels and great stance set the tone for the rumble to follow. The bodywork is very straight, the paint has huge shine, and the details are done right. We've installed new side marker light and reverse light bezels to go with the rechromed bumpers, while the grille is an excellent original. American Racing Hopster wheels, 17 inches all around, add some shine to the side profile. The doors, hood and trunk close as they should. A Boss 429 hood scoop is up front for clearance while the rear spoiler and high-quality Tony Branda rear louvers complete the package.

Inside, few parts deviate from stock, but those that do make life a lot easier. There's a very cool JME gauge cluster stuffed with Auto Meter gauges in front of the LeCarra wheel/Ididit tilt column combination. In front of the B&M shifter on the console, there are another pair of redundant, mechanical gauges for water temp and oil pressure. Of course, ..redundant.. isn't quite the right word when you're trying to protect your $58,000 engine! The seats, door panels and dash are all new, as are the sill plates and more. The controls for the Vintage Air A/C system are under the stock AM radio--who needs tunes with a motor like a SOHC under the hood?

You've waited long enough...let's get to the 680 pound gorilla of the build--that fantastic overhead cam masterpiece up front. Start at the bottom: The block is a true vintage mid-1964 ..side oiler.. piece, modified for SOHC use. A forged crank runs HD forged steel connecting rods, swinging 12:1 pistons to more than 7000rpm. The engine was built using mostly NOS parts from Holman-Moody racing by a gentleman who helped develop the cammer for Ford. Although the car was finished only a couple years ago, the motor's been together for approximately six, meaning reproduction parts were very few and far between. An original single four barrel intake holds a 750cfm Holley Street Avenger in an attempt to civilize this beast. Custom headers, ceramic coated, expel fumes. Cooling is handled by an aluminium radiator and an electric fan. Cams are original pieces, just ..small. enough to live on the edge of drive ability. The only non-stock pieces on the motor are the milled billet adjuster covers on the front of the timing cover, but their ..427 SOHC.. callouts are cool enough to leave them. The new, fabricated inner fenders and cover panels are anodised aluminium; the fabricated strut tower brace is of the same material, heavily polished.

Star #2 of the build is the Martz chassis. These guys are accustomed to building NASCAR-spec pieces, and it shows in the details. Custom, tubular front upper and lower control arms replace the stockers, which wouldn't fit with the SOHC mill anyway. Coil over shocks are at all four corners, and splined sway bars with billet pivots are at each end. Wilwood brakes are all around for stopping while power rack-and-pinion steering points the car. A 9.. Ford rear end puts the power to the ground with the help of 3.50 gears and a Detroit Locker. The axle's hung by a custom four link with a Panhard rod, and its ability to twist the car in half is negated by custom, welded subframe connectors. The exhaust system is custom, featuring ovalized tubing and Borla mufflers. New lines, hoses and a fuel tank round out the mechanical package. Aesthetically, you can see ..driving.. placed ahead of ..show quality.. on the priority list. It's as clean as a whistle, with the suspension in gloss black powdercoat and the entire underside in a coating of rubberized bedliner to keep noise and stone chips at bay. It also means it requires nothing more than a quick wipe-down with soap and water to return it to the way you see it here!

Only the truly demented attempt to install one of these behemoths into a passenger car--most are appalled at the entry price of the engine, while others can't handle the work it takes to put a ten-pound motor in a five-pound engine compartment. If you're looking to make a splash at a show, rumble up on this monster and open the hood: Take a note of those who don't fall over...it'll take less counting!


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1970 ford mustang mach 1 sohc cammer front

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1970 ford mustang mach 1 sohc cammer back

1970 ford mustang mach 1 sohc cammer trunk

1970 ford mustang mach 1 sohc cammer wheel

1970 ford mustang mach 1 sohc cammer underside

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