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1950 Ford Custom Woodie
(Featured on 31st May 2011)

Make: Ford
Model: Custom Woody
Year: 1950

Sellers original description:

1950 Ford Custom Woodie "Incredible $250,000 Creation"

The most unique 1950 Ford Woodie on Planet! Earth!

Exterior:Custom Mixed Metallic Copper

Interior: Italian Leather/Suede Headliner (Natural)

Serial Number:BOR145819

Mileage: 756.3 (Since built)

Engine: LS-1 with Magnuson Supercharger

Horsepower: Estimated at 475-500hp

Transmission: 460LE Three speed Automatic

Creature Comforts:

African Zepella Mahogany Paneling

Power Steering

Power Brakes

Air-conditioning (controls inside the dash glove box)

Remote opening electric doors

Power windows

LED Halo Mood lighting

Hidden ice chest in back seat in stainless steel

Voice Navigation-Touch Screen

A $7500 Stereo System

Infrared Wireless Headphones (two)

Front & Rear DVD Monitor

Rear Camera

Dual front 12 way power seats

Dual Batteries

Tilt Wheel

Electronic keypad to operate Windows, Doors and more!

It's hard to find the adjectives to properly describe this unbelievable custom Woodie.

All of the manuals are included for every electronic device...both audio and video. Also a complete wiring schematic for all of the wiring and electronics in this unique custom car. A complete owners handbook has been complied with $1000's upon thousands of dollars for all of the work that was sublet to masters at their particular craft.

Where was this custom car crafted? Where else but California!

Let's start with the engine compartment: WOW!

346 cu. in. supercharged GM LS1 V8 engine with fuel injection, GM 4L60E automatic transmission with overdrive, four-wheel C-4 Corvette independent suspension, and four-wheel hydraulic disc brakes.

Wheelbase: 114"

Station wagons or 'woodies' have always been popular, and while originally built for hard work, their unique construction and abundance of style led to their widespread acceptance as luxury and leisure symbols.

In particular, Ford station wagons have always enjoyed strong demand over the years, by virtue of their consistently attractive styling and sturdy power trains.

The new-for 1949 Ford models, introduced to the public in June of 1948, were new in every respect, and were a clear departure from the past.

Over 1.1 million cars were built during the extended 1949 model year, Ford's strongest since 1930. The new station wagon model arrived as a two-door design, with an all-steel body and extensive wood trim. Their clean and simple lines have withstood the test of nearly 60 years, and have grown in popularity as a fitting canvas for the inspired customizer.

The example presented here, a 1950 model, is known as the 'X50R', and other than the classic body lines, it bears little resemblance to its humble beginnings.

Today, the car has been thoroughly customized, seamlessly blending its classic good looks with pavement-blistering performance, making a truly unique statement to even the most jaded hot rod enthusiast.

As far as the paint, chrome and body are concerned: Amazing!

The car, finished in a handsome Copper brown metallic exterior, is fitted with expertly joined and beautifully finished wooden trim, and is complemented by a set of five-spoke allow wheels, with high-performance radial tires.

The frame and undercarriage: 1st Class all the way!

It rides on a brand-new Paul Newman Car Creations chassis which mounts a fully polished C-4 Corvette suspension system, with Baer slotted and drilled disc brakes at all four corners.

Meanwhile, a fully detailed and fuel-injected GM LS-1 V8 engine with a polished Magnacharger supercharger system has replaced the old 'flathead' V8 engine, while a GM 4L60E automatic transmission sends the power to the rear wheels.

The Leather and Suede interior:


Inside, the X50R is trimmed with the finest Italian leather upholstery, and reveals a suede headliner with surfboard-inspired LED halo lighting, with the surf theme continuing to the door panels as well.

The Electronics, Video & Audio: Out of this world!

In addition, the X50R is fitted with a full information suite including a voice navigation system, a rear vision camera, and an electronic keypad that operates the windows, doors, as well as the front and rear DVD monitors.

Meanwhile, the rear seat DVD monitor is motorized, and rises from the center console at the touch of a button.

The incredible audio system, valued at over $7,500 alone, includes a 30-gigabyte digital jukebox holding the equivalent of over 500 compact discs, and drives a set of DynAudio speakers.

The sound system in this car is better than the stereo sound systems in 99.9% of all home! It will blow you away..not just with it's power...but it's quality!

The car is also equipped with two independent batteries, with one dedicated to the entertainment system.

Just when you think the list of features ends, there's more, including a set of three-point seatbelts, 10-way power-adjustable front seats, and a large, hidden ice chest within the rear cargo area.

If you are looking for a break from the ordinary, this fabulous 'X50R' 1950 Ford Custom Woodie Wagon is just the ticket.

With incredible performance, luxury passenger amenities and truly distinctive style, it is sure to leave a trail of amazed onlookers in its wake wherever it goes.


1950 ford custom woodie 1

1950 ford custom woodie front

1950 ford custom woodie 2

1950 ford custom woodie 3

1950 ford custom woodie 4

1950 ford custom woodie back

1950 ford custom woodie 5

1950 ford custom woodie trunk

1950 ford custom woodie wheel

1950 ford custom woodie engine bay

1950 ford custom woodie interior 1

1950 ford custom woodie interior 2

1950 ford custom woodie speedometer

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