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1976 MG Midget
(Featured on 25th July 2012)

Make: MG
Model: Midget
Year: 1976
Mileage: 9,846

Sellers original description:

Absolutely stunning 1976 MG Midget with just 9846 miles from new and confirmed on the Title. The condition is almost as delivered from new. The car drives exactly as you would hope a 9000 mile car to drive, everything is still tight and fresh. The paintwork gleams in the sun, the interior virtually unmarked. Take a look at the pictures of the trunk, this is original factory paint. This car is original not restored. The tires are the original Pirelli Cinturato's that came with the car. The spare (not pictured) is almost unused and probably still has British air from the factory in it!! The radio, a British Leyland unit still works perfectly. For smiles per mile there is nothing better.

I recently had the car serviced and tuned, the battery was replaced at this time. Will the car make a long cross country journey, most certainly. The only thing that one would consider replacing are the tires, simply because of their age.


1976 mg midget 1

1976 mg midget front

1976 mg midget 2

1976 mg midget 3

1976 mg midget back

1976 mg midget engine bay 1

1976 mg midget engine bay 2

1976 mg midget interior 1

1976 mg midget interior 2

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