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1955 MG TF 1500
(Featured on 3rd July 2011)

Make: MG
Model: T-Type
Year: 1955

Sellers original description:

1955 MG TF 1500.

Primrose with Red leather interior and Black carpets, 5-speed manual, Long Time California ownership.

The final model of MG’s popular T-series, the TF is a more aggressively styled version of the TD though built in far smaller numbers. Built for the 1955 model year and with production of only 3,400 cars, the TF 1500 model is even more scarce than the standard TF. The 1,500 cc engine produced 17% more torque than the 1,250 of the previous year, making the TF more competitive with its sales rival, the Triumph TR2.

This Car TF 1500 presented here is a longtime California car with great character and a wonderful story.

Surviving records date back to the mid-1970s when owned by Louis Colen of Los Angeles. Between February and March 1977, the TF was sold to Dennis LaVine of Woodland Hills, who may have first spotted the rare TF when being serviced in the workshop of Joe Verbiesen & Son on Ventura Boulevard. Shortly after acquiring the car, Mr. LaVine registered it with a clever vanity plate – MITFINE – and proceeded to drive his prized roadster on a regular basis for the next three decades.

During his long-term ownership, the TF was always enjoyed on the road and consistently serviced by leading specialists in the area, preserving it in its lovely, exceptional condition. This TF is offered with a thick stack of service receipts and records dating back to the 1970s, confirming the level of care that this car has received for the last 35 years.

During Mr. LaVines ownership, it was decided that a more modern five-speed gearbox would greatly improve the drivability of the car.

In 1995, the primrose MG, immediately recognized by its blue and yellow California plate, graced the cover of Collectible Automobile and was featured prominently in an article about MG TFs, the last of the great T-Series MG sports cars.

This TF is a perfect car for weekends, British sports car meets or popular driving-touring events.


1955 mg tf 1500 1

1955 mg tf 1500 front

1955 mg tf 1500 2

1955 mg tf 1500 3

1955 mg tf 1500 back

1955 mg tf 1500 4

1955 mg tf 1500 5

1955 mg tf 1500 6

1955 mg tf 1500 wheel

1955 mg tf 1500 engine bay

1955 mg tf 1500 interior 1

1955 mg tf 1500 interior 2

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