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1929 Mercedes Benz SSK Replica
(Featured on 25th July 2012)

Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: SSK
Year: 1929

Sellers original description:

You won't find a more original (and accurate looking replica) than this factory built (Fiber Fab) 1929 Mercedes-Benz SSK replica. German Car/German Engine! ...Fiberfab built this car using a rock solid 1970 VW Beetle floorpan, engine and driveline that are all extreamly solid, very reliable and super clean. Alot of these cars were built using a Chevy 4 banger or worse yet a Pinto four cylinder... I've driven all three and this is by far the peppiest of the bunch and gives a true sports car feeling with the engine in back (perfect weight distribution).. it really woooshes and pushes you thru the curves, VERY FUN! The Chevy powered one I drove was ok but was very -front end heavy- in the corners... and the Pinto powered one was so week it wouldn't pull a string out of a cats as$! Both the others were almost impossible to work on or service due to the confined area under the hood, mine is a nice lockable carpeted trunk under this hood! With the VW engine in back it's a snap to get to everything and since this car is air cooled there is no radiator, no water pump, no heater core, no overflow tanks, no hoses etc. etc.. Simple... four spark plugs, four wires, cap, rotor, points...you know, like the good old days! Parts for the VW eng. brakes, shocks etc. are pretty inexspensive to buy as well. It is in VERY nice all original condition with very low miles (2800 miles since built!). The paint, chrome, interior ect. are all original to the car and never altered in any way. The front seats have seat belts and have slides to adjust the seats forward or back. There is alot of leg room in the car. The VW engine starts first time everytime, I regularly drive this car... three or four times a month. This IS the one to buy... don't just look at the girl..look at the car! If you can find a nicer, more original car than this one.. buy it! You definately won't find one this nice for such a cheap price anywhere.. I'm only selling this car because I need the space for another car I bought. This is one of the best examples of one of these cars out there.. anywhere.


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