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1970 Mercedes Benz 300SEL
(Featured on 1st March 2011)

Make: Mercedes-Benz
Model: 300SEL
Year: 1970
Registration: DFE 670

Sellers original description:

Arguably one of the finest restored 300SEL 6.3’s in the world. Ten years ago this Mercedes Benz underwent a meticulous nut and bolt restoration by a well-known 6.3 guru. A detailed mechanical service history documenting every detail of the restoration is included with the car. The total cost of the restoration was over $160,000.00 dollars. This Merc has NEVER suffered from any rust whatsoever. This has been an Oregon car all of its life.

Everything that could be bought new was, and what could not be bought new, was rebuilt or restored to the highest standards. Chassis 109.018-12-004100 was built in 1970 and left the factory with 906G Silver Blue Metallic paint and black leather.

The car is currently outfitted with sought after 15” Bundt Style alloy wheels.

Engine: The motor in this car was rebuilt from top to bottom. The engine has had $45,000.00 dollars put into it. Brand new pistons were installed. Performance cams and headers were installed as well. The motor and mechanicals were done by local Mercedes expert Larry Miller at MBI Motors. Notice the detail in the engine bay: NLA green braided hose, original red braided A/C hose, original Gemi Clamps. The motor also has a factory oil pan protector plate (some call it a skid plate) installed. These are extremely rare.

Transmission: The transmission was rebuilt by local Mercedes transmission expert Mark Goebl of Lakeside Motors. It performs wonderfully and its kick-down solenoid is working properly.

Paint: The paint was done twice on this car. The first time the owner found a flaw on the roof and decided to re-paint the entire car. The paint on this car is absolutely magnificent. There are only a few tiny rock chips between the headlights, besides those, the paint is near perfect. Like everything else during the restoration, the owner only accepted the best. Paint was done with the engine OUT of the car so that all the details in the engine bay were perfect.

Suspension: During the restoration every single bushing, ball joint and wear part was replaced. The shocks were done as well. In order to improve handling, the previous owner had stronger sway bars and bushings fabricated. The rear differential was sent to Neil Dubey of Star Motors for a complete overhaul.

Air Suspension System: 10 years ago when this particular car underwent restoration new air valves were still available. The owner installed a new set of air valves during the restoration. The rear of the car does not drop, but the front does leak down. I currently have schrader valves installed to bypass the leak. This will be sorted prior to the new owner taking delivery of the car. New air bellows have already been installed a few months ago.

Leather: GAHH, the finest leather supplier for classic MB leather, was used as the source for all the leather and carpeting in the car. The leather and carpets look new. The front seats have been protected with custom sheepskin covers from Oregon Sheepskin.

Wood: The woodwork was restored by Wood Restoration Specialist Gregory Merrick. This car was fitted from the factory with Macassar Ebony wood.

This Mercedes Benz 300 SEL comes with a set of owners manuals, a REAL leather toolkit (not the cheap vinyl junk from factory) and a complete documentation of the restoration. The restoration documents form a stack that is nearly 2.5 inches thick.


1970 mercedes benz 300 sel 1

1970 mercedes benz 300 sel 2

1970 mercedes benz 300 sel 3

1970 mercedes benz 300 sel 4

1970 mercedes benz 300 sel 5

1970 mercedes benz 300 sel 6

1970 mercedes benz 300 sel engine bay 1

1970 mercedes benz 300 sel engine bay 2

1970 mercedes benz 300 sel interior 1

1970 mercedes benz 300 sel interior 2

1970 mercedes benz 300 sel dashboard

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