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1971 Oldsmobile 442
(Featured on 8th May 2011)

Make: Oldsmobile
Model: 442
Year: 1971

Sellers original description:

1971 Oldsmobile 442.

Stunning and beautiful, powerful and show winning, numbers matching and truly desirable: This 1971 Oldsmobile 442 is all of the above and more: Grand Champion at the 2007 Oldsmobile Nationals and stored in a private collection since, with a mere 35 miles since restoration. Documented and flawless from top to bottom.

We have the original Protect-O-Plate, warranty card and cowl tag. Bought new at Conner Oldsmobile in Lima, Ohio, the original owner was named Grover Cleveland Pruitt: Now there was a family proud of their state's former US president! Grover must have had a good experience with his new car and the selling dealer, as we also have the Protect-O-Plate to his brother's new 1971 Olds, purchased three months later! The P-O-P shows 29 miles at the time of delivery versus 17 for brother Bill's F88: The end of the muscle car era was coming quickly, and the salesmen must have wanted one last ride!


1971 oldsmobile 442 1

1971 oldsmobile 442 2

1971 oldsmobile 442 3

1971 oldsmobile 442 4

1971 oldsmobile 442 5

1971 oldsmobile 442 trunk

1971 oldsmobile 442 engine bay

1971 oldsmobile 442 wheel

1971 oldsmobile 442 underside

1971 oldsmobile 442 front seats

1971 oldsmobile 442 rear seats

1971 oldsmobile 442 dashboard

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