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1975 Bricklin SV1
(Featured on 25th July 2012)

Make: Bricklin
Model: SV1
Year: 1975
Mileage: 28,615

Sellers original description:

Good Day and thank you for looking at my Bricklin listing! I am Bricklin Number 2122 and I have a story to tell you!! I need adoption for a very lucky parent looking to adopt a great Bricklin!!! We can only get adopted by a limited number of homes!! I was originally sold to the same seller that owns it today. For that, I deserve a great new home! I do drop a little oil, and have a couple of other minor problems, a front left signal lens that lost a little piece, a lazy right door that needs a air pressure adjustment. And everything else on me is representative of a great original Bricklin. (The doors both work perfectly!)

My current owner has kept me carefully garaged every night in two West Coast locations: California & Washington States.

My neighbor bought his car originally in 1975, Bricklin #2122! I was built on July 8th, 1975. I am young, with only 28,615 miles on my clock, and still burble to life inching to show my true skills! My engine by Ford still loves to come to life! Brakes were redone recently, and there are no other known problems. Battery is new and tires have excellent tread on them!

The interior is excellent, clean and un-worn. New mats are part of the package. Being a Bricklin, I was always told to keep myself ship-shape!!

You know, there are not many of my fellow Bricklin's around in my car's condition. Garaged on the West Coast since my birth, I sense I may be of interest to you. I do have a few minor health problems but none that cannot be fixed easily. For instance the AC system needs to be recharged with EV-Freon. Right front signal lens is missing small piece from a rock hit.

But, I think I fair up pretty darn well for my age and am worth a collector's investment.

I look great, am ready for the road or collector circuit! I would really love to have you as my new owner!!


1975 bricklin sv1 1

1975 bricklin sv1 front

1975 bricklin sv1 2

1975 bricklin sv1 back

1975 bricklin sv1 engine bay

1975 bricklin sv1 interior 1

1975 bricklin sv1 interior 2

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