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1971 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi
(Featured on 8th May 2011)

Make: Plymouth
Model: Barracuda Hemi
Year: 1971

Sellers original description:

1971 Plymouth Barracuda Hemi.

Starting with a lucky 318 car, the old 230hp boat anchor was replaced by a vintage 1966 Hemi, just gone through by Powerline Motorsports in Mentor, OH. New pistons, new bearings, rings, full machine work and more make this monster one that'll be around for a good while. Topping the big elephant is the awesome SHAKER hood scoop, hiding a pair of 625cfm Carter AFB's on a '66 vintage Mopar intake instead of the single four on so many clones. There's an electric choke on the rear carb instead of the crazy manual setup on the real cars, getting together with the Mopar electronic ignition kit to make cold starts a pile easier. The linkage is correct, as are the fuel lines and return springs. There's now an electric choke on the primary carb--a big step up beyond the '71-only manual choke cable. With the scoop off you'll also see a fresh Mopar Performance electronic ignition distributor, date coded spark plug wires and a reproduction coil and bracket. Up front there's a proper clutch fan, power steering setup and new alternator. Details from the proper radiator, heater, vacuum and even power steering return hoses are concours correct.

An SSBC power brake booster and master cylinder setup is on the firewall, keeping the Mopar voltage regulator, new wiring harness and new brake lines company. Looks are one thing, but hearing this mill roar is another. Correct exhaust manifolds lead into a 3.. TTI exhaust system with Flowmaster 40 series mufflers and stainless tips, making muscle car music. This car was built to run, hard.

Outside, fresh Curious Yellow paint combines with nearly every exterior option Plymouth offered. Shaker? Check. Billboards? Light package? Go-Wing? Louvers? Rallyes? Vinyl top? Spoilers? Check, check and more check. If you think you could build a higher impact 'cuda, I'd like to see it! The paint's in excellent condition, smooth and flat with a ton of gloss. Panel gaps are factory or better, the tires are nearly new and all of the options are fresh. The car was built fewer than 15 months ago and looks it. Fresh fender gills, new bumpers and clean stainless trim add shine on all sides. There are no worn parts on the car, anywhere. You'll enjoy washing and waxing this car!

As with the outside, there are very few original parts, and no wear. The best pieces were added, like the console and its awesome pistol grip shifter, the Tuff wheel and rally gauges. New seat upholstery and foams sit on new carpet. A new headliner, new door and quarter trim panels, a new dash pad, all new chrome--the list goes on. New weather stripping keeps you dry; new door sills brighten your entry. This is, of course, the best view, sitting low and staring out at the trembling Shaker scoop up front, pistol grip in your hand and a few hundred horsepower at your right foot's command!

Underneath you'll find an 18 spline (that's the correct Hemi type) four speed transmission hooked to the motor via a Centerforce clutch, sending power back to a genuine DANA 60 rear axle with 3.54 gears. New brake and fuel lines, a new gas tank, all new suspension wear parts and new brakes (including front discs) are at the ready. As a perfect canvas, the shiny, fully painted and clear coated floor pans and frame rails allow the mechanical bits to stand out.

Real '71 Hemi cars are still trading for more than $300,000, and we all know the new Challenger has most of the looks with a fraction of the charisma of an original. If you're looking for an incredible street stormer, or you've got a real R code car you're preserving this car could be just the ticket. Hemi powered 'cudas combine relentless power, tight running gear, incredible visuals and a street presence in a way few other cars can. This is a car which doesn't need a ..hook:.. Its merits stand it head and shoulders above other tributes.


1971 plymouth barracuda hemi 1

1971 plymouth barracuda hemi 2

1971 plymouth barracuda hemi 3

1971 plymouth barracuda hemi front

1971 plymouth barracuda hemi wheel

1971 plymouth barracuda hemi engine bay 1

1971 plymouth barracuda hemi engine bay 2

1971 plymouth barracuda hemi underside

1971 plymouth barracuda hemi interior

1971 plymouth barracuda hemi dashboard

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