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1974 Plymouth Duster
(Featured on 23rd June 2013)

Make: Plymouth
Model: Duster
Year: 1974

Sellers original description:

In the gearhead world, some words just don't go together. For instance, even though style is a matter of opinion, "beautiful Edsel" usually isn't thrown around too much. "Classic Honda" definitely isn't a combination you hear too often. And "electric street rod" seems about as natural as "vanilla bean chocolate". But, in case you couldn't tell, your friends at RK Motors Charlotte enjoy unique phrasing as much as we love unique cars. And that's why we're happy to use the words "affordable Mopar" to describe this awesome 1974 Plymouth Duster. Fully restored and ready to hit local cruise nights, this classic wraps a 360 cubic inch V8 and a smooth 3-speed transmission in a striking blue, white and black color combination that's guaranteed to turn heads. And at only $29K it's the perfect way for any enthusiast to grab a cool old car and enjoy every aspect of the hobby. Sounds good right? Well, here's the bad news: anytime we post a fun and affordable Mopar to our website, it's a virtual free-for-all of people scrambling to throw the first deposit down. In fact, the last Duster we had, a $34K '72 only lasted a month! So, if you take a liking to this razor-sharp coupe, you'd better act quickly!

Much cleaner than when it originally rolled down Chrysler's storied assembly lines, this slick Plymouth coupe has been transformed into a take-no-prisoners street warrior that consistently knocks people out at cruise nights. You won't be staying under the radar with its professionally finished Lucerne Blue paintwork, which has been applied over a very clean body. There are no signs of rust or rot, suggesting it was a straight, trouble-free canvas before the metamorphosis began. Not surprisingly, panel gaps are good enough to make its installed stripes line up exactly right. And overall, the car is so well done that many unsuspecting bystanders will be fooled into thinking this is how it rolled right off the showroom floor.

The Duster, Chrysler's sporty competitor for the Chevy Nova and Ford Maverick, resulted from the Plymouth division's desire to use allotted 1970 restyling money for something more exciting than their usual two and four-door Valiants. And with its striking paint, sporty profile and aggressive bolt-ons, this 1974 model is definitely not your grandma's grocery getter. At the front of the car, a textured, "PLYMOUTH" branded grille centers a vivid Mayflower emblem between two large parking lamps, two larger headlights and a heavy chrome bumper. Above that grille, the car's stylized hood anchors a black snorkel scoop in front of scratch-free glass, straight stainless trim and bright chrome drip mouldings. At the sides of that hood, tall body panels are detailed with dual chrome mirrors, traditional chrome door handles, surface-mount marker lights and a familiar 'pit stop' fuel filler. On the edges of those panels, bold "360" call-outs combine with centered "DUSTER" fender emblems to let bystanders know this compact has serious attitude. And at the back of those call-outs, a black spoiler hangs over highly detailed tail lights, a third "Duster" emblem, another heavy bumper and traditional stainless exhaust tips.

Lift this Plymouth's bright blue hood and you'll find Chrysler's stalwart 360 cubic inch LA V8 that, while generally underappreciated, was versatile enough to serve as the corporation's big motor backbone for over three decades! At the top of the light blue block, a big Carter 4-barrel sends wind from an orange, single-snorkel air cleaner into a high quality Edelbrock Performer 360 intake. At the sides of that intake, attractive chrome valve covers cap original 340 heads and free-flowing long-tube headers. Behind those headers, sparks are sequenced to 7mm Ultimate Heat Protection wires via a traditional points distributor. Opposite that distributor, fresh V-belts spin an old school Mopar AC compressor above a large alternator and a leak-free power steering pump. And in front of that power steering pump, a heavy duty Chrysler radiator circulates water through new rubber hoses. This Duster's clean engine bay is a nice combination of form and function featuring a tagged green cap battery, an authentic Chrysler washer fluid tank, a solid brake booster and a rebuilt wiper motor. And everything from the car's fenders to its firewall is coated in the same excellent looking Lucerne Blue paint as its glossy exterior panels.

Take one look under this beefy Mopar and you'll find a fully sorted chassis that's certainly equipped to back up the car's sinister good looks. Just aft of the big bore engine, a slick shifting 3-speed automatic transmission spins a highway-friendly 10 bolt rear end. That smooth drivetrain feeds a fully sorted front torsion bar and rear leaf suspension that's shackled to factory power steering and leak-free air shocks. Cool and confident stops are provided by power discs up front and power drums out back. Exhaust flows down the center of the car through true dual pipes that run into deep Xlerator mufflers and traditional stainless tips. Above that impressive hardware, solid floors have been properly undercoated; instead of polished in a nice shade of body-matched basecoat like so many over-restored Mopars that roll through our showroom. At the corners of those floors, traditional 14 inch Rallye wheels spin 215/70 front and 235/60 rear Cooper Cobra Radial G/Ts around satin trim rings, color-keyed center caps and fresh lug nuts. And a thorough examination of all the car's bushings, lines and hoses ensures it has road going reliability to matches its eyeball-popping curb appeal.

If you're like me and prefer your muscle cars flashy, you'll definitely appreciate the contrast between this Plymouth's blue paint, white seats and black trim. Speaking of seats, the car's perches are firm to the touch and feature pliable covers that present very well. In front of those seats, a warp-free dash hangs Plymouth's trademark square speedometer and an old school AM/FM radio in a broad swath of wood applique. Below that dash, a chrome shifter rides top-dead-center on a wood-trimmed and white-dyed console. At the base of that console, fade-free black carpet is protected by "DUSTER" branded floor mats. At the sides of that carpet, white door panels sprinkle bright chrome hardware amidst more wood trim. In front of the driver, a simple black steering wheel spins a large diameter rim around speed-drilled spokes. And behind the passengers, a small storage bin fronts a fully restored trunk.


1974 Plymouth Duster 1

1974 Plymouth Duster Front

1974 Plymouth Duster Right Side

1974 Plymouth Duster Left Side

1974 Plymouth Duster 2

1974 Plymouth Duster Back

1974 Plymouth Duster 3

1974 Plymouth Duster Wheel

1974 Plymouth Duster Trunk

1974 Plymouth Duster Engine Bay

1974 Plymouth Duster Underside

1974 Plymouth Duster Interior Door

1974 Plymouth Duster Interior

1974 Plymouth Duster Rear Interior

1974 Plymouth Duster Interior Dashboard

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