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1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO
(Featured on 3rd July 2013)

Make: Pontiac
Model: GTO
Year: 1965

Sellers original description:

I bought this car as a real GTO. The title reads GTO and as I was restoring the car everything added up to be a real GTO. The interior is original to the car. The GTO emblems looked to be as old as the car including the interior emblems. The Original GTO hood was maroon at the first painting as we were stripping the car as well as the rest of the car was maroon. I replaced the hood due to some rust on the leading edge. It was a GTO Hood. The sway bar measures 7/8" which is correct for a real GTO. The fully Syncronized 4 speed would have been correct for the GTO this year. I have been made aware that it is missing one item. On the accessory tag under the hood there is not a 5N mark. Some people believe it is not a GTO if this is not on the tag. I would never sell a car by misleading anyone. I have a good reputation by being honest and it is not going to change now. I still believe it is a real GTO. If it is a clone it had to have been done in the first couple years of its life. Even when the title for my state of Tennessee was created in 1984 it says GTO. Make your own interpretation or Judgement of the car. It is the nicest 1965 GTO I have ever seen and I spared no expense restoring it back to excellent orignal GTO condition. The car did not have the original motor in it when I bought it. I believe the 1970 GTO 400 would be a good upgrade over a 389. I have lowered the price substantially and have told you everything I know. Thanks for Looking at our Car

We Started with a Good Driver that had NO RUST except in the lower quarter panels. We cut out the lower quarters and replaced them making this a rust free car.

Over $50,000 Invested and some would say too much to list but here is my attempt at the list:

400Cui 1970 GTO Big Block w/ Ram Air
Muncie 4 Speed Manual Floor Shift M20 Transmission
3.90 Ratio Limited Slip Rear End

New parts:

Front End:

Ball Joints, Tie Rods, Pitman Arm, Steering Joint, Control Arm Bushings, Springs, Spindles, Rotors, Calipers, ALL Brake Lines and Hoses, Power Brake Booster, Master Cylinder, Brake Pads, Bearings and Seals


1970 Pontiac GTO 400Cui Big Block w/ Mild Cam, New Power Steering Pump, Power Steering Hoses, New HEI Distributor, New Belts, New Radiator, Radiator Hose, Heater Hoses, Edelbrock Pontiac Performer Aluminum Intake, New Carburetor, Valve Covers, Fan Shroud, Water Pump, Alternator, Starter, Fluids, Gaskets, and Ram AIR


Interior was in excellent condition but here is the list of new parts. New Carpet, Steering Wheel, Dash Pad, All New Weatherstripping, Door Seal Plates, Ignition Switch, Sunpro Gauges. Car was originally a seat belt car and has excellent original seat belts.


Rust Free, New Weather stripping, Recoated the trunk in the original factory finish


Stripped to Metal, Replaced Lower Quarter Panels, Replaced Hood, Painted Red Base Coat Clear Coat Dupont Paint, New Bumpers, New Taillights, Tail light Bezels, Rechromed Center Tail Panel, Reverse Lights, Wheel Well Moldings, Mirror, All New Emblems, New Black Vinyl Top and Top Trim, Painted under top before installation to prevent rust, New Park Lights, Wipers, 17" American Racing Torque Thrust II Wheels and New Tires,


New Shocks, New Clutch and Pressure Plate, Throwout bearing, Transmission Gaskets and Seals, New Rear Brakes and Hardware, 2.5" Dual Exhaust w/ Flowmaster Mufflers

Any part not replaced was painted or restored to as new condition.


1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO 1

1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO Front

1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO 2

1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO 3

1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO Back

1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO 4

1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO Underside

1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO Engine Bay 1

1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO Engine Bay 2

1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO Interior Door

1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO Interior

1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO Interior Dashboard

1965 Fully Restored Pontiac GTO Rear Seats

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