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Pontiac Trans Am Super Bandit
(Featured on 30th August 2011)

Make: Pontiac
Model: Trans Am

Sellers original description:

Super Bandit Trans Am.

After years of producing show quality Trans Ams built to original factory specifications for customers and a few built which were sold on ebay, we are proud to introduce our ‘79 TA that Pontiac wasn’t allowed to build. There are many aspects of the ’79 TA we feel were done right. The exterior of the Special Edition was spectacular and eye catching. The deluxe black interior with the gold SE accents was top notch. What we felt lacking was performance excitement, the real backbone of what inspired the first TA’s.

After much thought and research, our “Super Bandit” stage 2 is now a reality. It offers excitement beyond what is seen on the surface. The opened shaker with gold honeycomb screen and T/A 7.6 decal gives you a hint of what lies beneath. Under the hood, a built 462 Pontiac engine that has a very clean look. The lower end was rebuilt and beefed up. It now includes .030 over forged pistons, eagle rods, 7 qt. oil pan and a high volume oil pump. A hydraulic Comp cam with .477/.480 lift provides good performance while still being very streetable. The machined ’69 72cc heads with 2.11 intake and 1.77 exhaust valves help keep things breathing on the top end. An Edelbrock intake and Rochester carb supply the fuel mixture for the engine. Flowtech Ceramic headers, 2 ½ inch pipe, Mac Flowpath mufflers and Pypes stainless tips were the choice for the free flowing muscle car tone exhaust. The combination provides a low rumble at idle and part throttle, and speaks loudly when you want it to.

Looking back, what added to the driving excitement of the earlier TAs was the 4 speed manual trans. A factory BorgWarner Super T10 linked to a Hurst shifter was a perfect choice. A new clutch and pressure plate transfer power from the engine to the trans. Behind the trans, a 3.08 posi works fine for off-the-line and is excellent for highway use.

Our next focus in building a Super Car was the suspension and driving capabilities. The WS7 option on this TA included a close ratio steering box and larger sway bars (front and rear) which were an excellent start. The front sway bar ends were enhanced with polyurethane bushings. The body bushings have been upgraded to poly. Frame ties were also added. The factory performance wheel look was kept but improved upon with Year One’s 17” x 9” snowflake. Federal’s 255 x 55 x 17” were chosen to keep the filled out look in the wheel wells. They were a great choice for size, style, and performance.

Our goal in the making of this “Super Bandit” was to put real driving excitement into it while still having an enjoyable riding car. Comforts such as factory AC (updated with Classic Auto Air compressor components), power steering/brakes, and a 4 speaker radio with iPod hookup are included. The long waited for OER dash pad, gold dash and steering wheel complement the new plush PUI deluxe interior. The exterior body will bring a smile to anyone who sees it. It was stripped and meticulously reworked to the original ‘79 Special Edition look that we specialize in. We take great pride in our work and invite you to inspect this unique hand built (1,000+ hrs) TA before you bid on or purchase it.

Some build moderately priced super Trans Ams with less performance while others offer high priced ones that are more suited for race tracks. We feel this “Super Bandit” stage 2 will bring back the exciting feeling of what started the Trans Am enthusiasm: looks, performance and power while still maintaining its comfortable drivability aspects.


pontiac trans am super bandit 1

pontiac trans am super bandit front

pontiac trans am super bandit 2

pontiac trans am super bandit 3

pontiac trans am super bandit back

pontiac trans am super bandit engine bay 1

pontiac trans am super bandit engine bay 2

pontiac trans am super bandit interior 1

pontiac trans am super bandit interior 2

pontiac trans am super bandit dashboard

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