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1967 Amphicar 770
(Featured on 8th May 2011)

Make: Quandt Group
Model: Amphicar
Year: 1967

Sellers original description:

This Amphicar was originally purchased back in 2007. The car had under 700 original miles when we purchased it and was taken to a restoration shop to be completely restored. It is probably safe to say by now that it is about an 800 mile car. In August 2007 the restoration began in Newport Beach, CA. Total cost of the restoration was just under $60,000 and I have documentation of all work that was performed. We have purchased and sold dozens of Amphicars over the years, and still have several, but this one is the nicest we have seen. Everything on the car is in perfect condition. It runs great and is kept in excellent condition and under a cover at all times.


1967 amphicar 770 1

1967 amphicar 770 2

1967 amphicar 770 trunk

1967 amphicar 770 wheel

1967 amphicar 770 engine bay

1967 amphicar 770 interior dashboard

1967 amphicar 770 rear seats

1967 amphicar 770 speedometer

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