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1999 Shelby Series 1
(Featured on 8th May 2011)

Make: Shelby
Model: Series 1
Year: 1999

Sellers original description:

Here is a rare supercharged Shelby Series 1, VIN CSX5276, less than 1k miles since new. It is centennial silver with blue stripes, black/gray leather, black canvas convertible top, 4.0 liter V8 6 speed, A/C, and has an AM/FM/CD. Other options include big brake package ($8,500.00), Billett foot pedals ($425.00), radiator screen grill ($405.00), and blue racing stripes ($3,100.00). The supercharger was an additional $19,500.00, giving the car 500 horsepower. The supercharged cars were nearly a second and a half quicker through the quarter mile than the non-supercharged cars. The supercharged cars ran the quarter mile in 11.35 seconds at 124 MPH; the non-supercharged cars ran it in 12.8 seconds at 109 MPH. 0-60 in 4.2 seconds, the supercharged Series 1’s were one of the fastest production cars of its day. Originally 500 cars were to be produced, substantial costs were incurred in the testing and certification required for the cars to meet 1999 federal motor vehicle safety standards. Many of these cars were produced well beyond the production year model but all are titled 1999. For example a friend of mine ordered his ’99 Shelby Series 1 in 1997 and he did not take delivery of his car until the middle of 2001. It was car #CSX5054. Because of the cost of re-certification production stopped with less than 300 built, of that only 80 were supercharged. It is one of the most significant cars Carroll Shelby had ever produced. It is a modern day version of the legendary 427 AC Cobra of the 60’s. With its all-aluminum high strength chassis, a carbon fiber body, a 50/50 weigh ratio, and a total weight of only 2,700 pounds, it was designed by Carrol Shelby as a race car for street use. It also has A/C, power windows, and an AM/FM CD stereo which are some modern day comfort features that most of us can’t live without. You can drive the Shelby Series 1 or you can unleash it by simply stepping on the accelerator pedal and live the dream of a legend (Carrol Shelby). The 427 AC Cobra of the 60’s once sold for $6,000.00 and now can fetch over $1,000,000.00. The Shelby Series 1 was built by the same legendary Carroll Shelby. It is in every way better and faster. With less than 300 cars built and only about 80 of them were supercharged, who really knows what its investment potential will be, only time will tell. But I’m pretty sure they will follow in the paths of all the other beloved limited production supercars. Meanwhile, the Series 1 will be a lot of fun while you wait. Each car has a Shelby serial number just like back in the ‘60’s. All Series 1 are in the CSX 5000 series. This is car # CSX5276.


1999 shelby series 1 1

1999 shelby series 1 front

1999 shelby series 1 2

1999 shelby series 1 3

1999 shelby series 1 back

1999 shelby series 1 4

1999 shelby series 1 wheel

1999 shelby series 1 engine bay

1999 shelby series 1 interior 1

1999 shelby series 1 dashboard

1999 shelby series next to mustang

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