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1982 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ40 RHD
(Featured on 3rd July 2011)

Make: Toyota
Model: Land Cruiser
Year: 1982

Sellers original description:

Toyota FJ40 Land Cruiser 1982 with all the body parts taken apart and sand blasted for better future rust prevention (primed, sealed and painted with BASF quality paint), the whole frame was sanded and immediately primed and painted with Professional black color and restored. This vehicle was in good shape before restoration and in fact all the body is original (not aftermarket parts on it); however some parts needed to be cut to put new metal on it. Undercarriage was completely black rubberized undercoated to prevent even more rust issues.

Most of bolts, washers and nuts were replaced for full threatened Stainless Steel, and all other bolt and nuts and pieces that we did not replace for stainless steel were restored or painted as well.

All windows taken apart for better paint job quality and reasembly with 3M autoglass Ribbon Sealer.

Inside the body, we used a Professional grade tintable spray in liner (not painted over) to give the vehicle a better look and even more rust protection. So, if you have a pet, no problem, you can carry him inside the vehicle without being afraid to scratch the paint.

New upholstery looking to match factory look and color. For better ride entertainment we installed a Pioneer USB stereo and also pioneer speakers with very good sound quality.

The engine: This is a great 6 cylinders Toyota 2F completely rebuilt with new pistons, camshaft, bearings, gaskets and seals and the most important with some OEM Toyota parts in it.

New gas hoses, gas filter, gas pump, oil sending unit, K&N oil filter with Joe Gibbs Performance Brake-in oil and also K&N air filter as well. New DUI high performance Distributor and spark plugs, new OEM oil cap, OEM battery tray, OEM PCV valve and grommet, New OEM fan blade, starter, alternator. New header and gasket as well.

The cooling system: Completely taken apart and cleaned out. New Antifreeze. New water pump, thermostat and gasket all OEM, new sending unit. New stainless steel clamps all the way around.

Transmission completely inspected and topped off with new fluids as well as split transfer case with new seals and gaskets.

Frame: completely sanded and immediately primed and then painted with Professional black paint. All new OME suspension, new shocks, new tie rod ends, new bushings, completely rebuilt front and rear ends (rear full floating axle), new OEM Rag joint, OME steering stabilizer and more.

All brake system was restored with new rotors, calipers, pads and rear brake cylinders OEM. New lines, new Brake master cylinder, front Knuckles completely rebuilt with new bearing, seals and gaskets.

All clutch system with new disc, pressure plate, throughout bearing, pilot bearing, reground flywheel, new clutch master cylinder, new slave cylinder and OEM hose.

New exhaust. New Daystar Body Mounts. All new front and rear Lights.


Heater was taken apart and restored. The original wiring harness was cleaned out and reused keeping all original connections.

Seats with new upholstery and restored. All dash knobs restored to factory conditions.

New OEM door panels and bezels, new OEM sun visors and dome light lens.

New side mirrors, front bumper was Powder coated as original looking. New OEM emblems.

New OEM pedal pads, new OEM hood rest pads, new battery tray and battery.

Wheels were sand blasted and re-powder coated with pure white color. All new BF Goodrich 33x10.50 R15 LT Mud Terrain tires.


1982 toyota land cruiser fj40 rhd 1

1982 toyota land cruiser fj40 rhd front

1982 toyota land cruiser fj40 rhd 2

1982 toyota land cruiser fj40 rhd trunk

1982 toyota land cruiser fj40 rhd back

1982 toyota land cruiser fj40 rhd engine bay 1

1982 toyota land cruiser fj40 rhd engine bay 2

1982 toyota land cruiser fj40 rhd interior 1

1982 toyota land cruiser fj40 rhd interior 2

1982 toyota land cruiser fj40 rhd dashboard

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