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1968 Volkswagen Beetle
(Featured on 25th July 2012)

Make: Volkswagen
Model: Beetle
Year: 1968

Sellers original description:

We have been made aware that the original sellers description of this car was was inaccurate, the mechanics of this car were in excellent condition along with the bodywork however this was not a "Complete Restoration" as there was some work that needed doing upon the acquisition of its new owner.

Work that was undertaken (See below)

The work has now been completed and the owner confirms this Beetle is fun to drive and in the grand scheme of things, very affordable ... but far from being completely restored as it was once described by the sellers original description.

For future reference:

It was undriveable upon delivery. The front end had been lowered to the point there was no movement in the shocks. Every bump was an experience, and a big bump made the car uncontrollable. I had to replace the front axel.
The electrical system was a mess. The wiring harness may have been new, but the wires weren't close to being hooked up properly. The brake warning light was inoperative, the gasoline sending unit line was directly hooked up to the gas gauge (instead of through  the vibrator), frying it. The radio (I'll get to the radio in a minute) was hot wired (meaning it was always receiving current) while the emergency switch only worked with the ignition on. 
The heater channels we note hooked up to the rear of the car.
The ash try wasn't installed properly and wouldn't close.
There was no windshield washer at all.  Nothing there, just a hose.
The driver door wasn't adjusted properly and needed to be slammed shut.
The beads framing the door jambs weren't installed properly and popped out any time the door was opened.
The radio was installed with a can opener leaving a very ragged look and the radio itself was a Europa model made for, European markets, meaning it only worked on a few US stations.
None of the holes in the body through which the electricals run have grommets and that could cause a huge problem if left unattended.  


1968 volkswagen beetle 1

1968 volkswagen beetle front

1968 volkswagen beetle 2

1968 volkswagen beetle back

1968 volkswagen beetle engine bay

1968 volkswagen beetle interior 1

1968 volkswagen beetle interior 2

1968 volkswagen beetle dashboard

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