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1934 Chevy Five Window Master Coupe
(Featured on 24th March 2013)

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Master
Year: 1934

Sellers original description:

My father purchased this car seventeen years ago, from a collector in Georgia. It is a beautiful original (possibly restored) example of a 34' Chevy Five Window Master Coupe. I have confirmed that it is a correct Master Coupe and is in amazing shape, with the exception of the paint. The paint is very old and is crazing in areas. Over the seventeen years my dad has owned the car he has maintained it in a climate controlled building with heat and air conditioning. The only work that he had to do beyond routine maintenance was adding an auxiliary electric fuel pump that can be turned on to ensure adequate fuel supply to the engine and some minor paint work to make it look a little better.

This car has only been used occasionally for parades or a very rare "Sunday drive". As you can tell from the pictures it is a very nice car that runs and drives well. My dad has decided that he has to many cars and wants to sell this car as he has more sentimental attachment to his other cars. I am a car guy and have owned, restored and built numerous cars myself and can tell you that this car a beautiful, complete car that is beautiful as it sits, or a little paint work away from being perfect.


1934 chevy five window master coupe 1

1934 chevy five window master coupe 2

1934 chevy five window master coupe 3

1934 chevy five window master coupe engine bay

1934 chevy five window master coupe interior

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