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1963 Aquila Gullwing
(Featured on 5th June 2013)

Make: Other
Model: Aquila Gullwing
Year: 1963

Sellers original description:

This is an Aquila Gullwing which was produced by American Fibre Craft which was located in Cupertino California. There were only reported to be 150 Aquila Gullwings ever produced this is Car #137 of 150. You do not often see one of these cars on the road much more up for sale, And when one is up for sale usually it is in terrible condition! This one is in excellent condition still wearing its original paint from when it was produced and its in great shape. This car was built in 1980 and was built upon a 1963 Volkswagen Beetle with a 1200cc Engine and 4 speed manual Transmission. For some reason once it was produced it didn't get much use and was placed in storage for decades until recently when it emerged in near pristine condition. I mean just look at the car it look really great to say the least. The Odometer states 5.9 miles tmu and it still on the California State Title. This is a True Barn Find if I do say so, with just about all of its equipment functioning. Flip Up Headlights, Window Wipers, Electrical. Nice Clean interior with matching floor mats and neat bucket seating. Just really nice to find a forgotten car to be re-introduced to the collector car world and to arrive in fabulous condition.


1963 Aquila Gullwing 1

1963 Aquila Gullwing 2

1963 Aquila Gullwing Front

1963 Aquila Gullwing 3

1963 Aquila Gullwing 4

1963 Aquila Gullwing Back

1963 Aquila Gullwing Wheel

1963 Aquila Gullwing Trunk

1963 Aquila Gullwing Interior

1963 Aquila Gullwing Dashboard

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