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1967 MGB GT
(Featured on 16th June 2013)

Make: MG
Model: MGB
Year: 1967

Sellers original description:

The 1967 MGB-GT is as good as it gets.

The classic lines of this grand touring coupe have stood out for generations.

The 1967 is the most desirable of the BGTs, the low back bucket seats and metal dashboard stand out against all the later Bs.

This particular car has just finished a restoration by an experienced MG enthusiast who has already restored a number of cars.

The car is not concourse, but it is a very, very nice driver that will present as well at the car show as it does going down the road.

Speaking of which, this car is a joy to drive.

The wire wheels are straight and true and the car handles phenomenally well.

The transmission and gearbox is in great shape and shifts smoothly and quietly.

The engine is fresh; it doesn't smoke, makes good oil pressure and pulls strongly through all four gears.

If you are looking for a trouble free BGT this is the car for you.


1967 MGB GT 1

1967 MGB GT Front

1967 MGB GT 2

1967 MGB GT Side

1967 MGB GT 3

1967 MGB GT Back

1967 MGB GT Wire Wheel

1967 MGB GT Engine Bay

1967 MGB GT Trunk

1967 MGB GT Interior

1967 MGB GT Interior Dashboard

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