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1962 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster
(Featured on 19th June 2013)

Make: Morgan
Model: Plus 4
Year: 1962

Sellers original description:

As new, 1962 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster. They do not get any nicer then this! You will not find a car closer to new that has actually been driven. This car was the subject of a complete frame off restoration, with meticulous attention to detail. I have a large dossier documenting the restoration, with an enormous amount of new parts sourced from the Morgan Morgan Motor Co., in Malvern, UK, Melvin Rutter, Ltd, UK, Moss Motors, and Morgan Motors of New England just to name a few. I doubt this restoration could be accomplished today for $75,000. With 1,972 miles since the completion of the restoration; this car runs like new! The engine was rebuilt to original specs and runs out smoothly in all gears; the aural presentation of the side exhaust is fantastic! New clutch, and pressure plate of course. The Gearbox is as tight as you will find and shifts absolutely perfectly. Some of the innumerable new parts/work (page after page of invoices, and receipts) include: new front sub frame, new body tub, new rear fenders, all new leather interior, new radiator, new gas tank, new electrical wiring, new wire wheels, new exhaust, new custom stainless steel battery holder, all new mohair weather equipment including top, tonneau, side curtains, side curtain bags, rebuilt engine and gearbox, new mahogany dashboard, new windshield frame and side posts, Brooklands driving screens, badge bar, tri bar headlights, driving lights, Banjo wheel, new cowl, new bonnet. Fitment is perfect. The leather interior looks showroom new. I have used the top and side curtains only once, by necessity, the only time the car has seen inclement weather. If you are looking for a car to drive, or show, without having to be re-worked, here is a fantastic opportunity. The colour combination of Claret with Black wings shows beautifully. The amount of new parts, both large and small is staggering, and cannot be underestimated; all is well documented to show the full extent of this major, and precise, restoration.


1962 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster 1

1962 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster Front

1962 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster 2

1962 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster 3

1962 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster Back

1962 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster 4

1962 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster Side

1962 Morgan Plus 4 Roadster Engine Bay

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