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1977 Citroen GS X2
(Featured on 3rd July 2013)

Make: Citroen
Model: GS
Year: 1977

Sellers original description:

Fabolous car - Citroen GS X2.

Sporty version of Citroen GS - Eeropean 1970 car of the year.

Air cooled bullet proof engine 65 HP (Regular GS Has 55 OR 60 HP)

Equipped with famous Citroen self leveling hydro-pneumatic suspension.

Has three height position: 1.the lowest for highway and regular roads, 2. the middle for country roads, and 3. the highest allows you to can go on only three wheels ( you can have two flat tires!)

Super efficient oversized breaks.

Joy to drive in any condition!

This car was imported from France and it comes with all documents necessary to be registered in the US. You will be the first owner.

This is an excellent car:

* No rust at all and it is also rust protected.

* Original factory paint in excellent condition - Never repainted.

* Engine got new pistons and cylinders and it was resealed.

* Hydraulic works perfectly.

* Brand new front Michelin tires.

* Transmission shifts great.

* All lights and accessory work.

* Original interior in good clean condition.

* Original rare and customized instrument panel.

* Sun roof - works and does not leak.

* Clutch is - new.

* Front and rear and emergency brake pads - new.

* Timing belts and tensioners - new.

* One drive shaft - new.

* Lower front suspension arms fluid bloc bushings - all new.

* Oil and filters including LHM fluid - new.

* Sport muffler on the car (not loud) - original is included.

* 10 miles on rebuild engine, 48,000 miles on the car.


1977 Citroen GS X2 1

1977 Citroen GS X2 Front

1977 Citroen GS X2 2

1977 Citroen GS X2 Engine Bay

1977 Citroen GS X2 Front Wheel

1977 Citroen GS X2 Rear Wheel

1977 Citroen GS X2 Interior

1977 Citroen GS X2 Interior Dashboard

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