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1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica
(Featured on 3rd July 2013)

Make: Other
Model: Bat Car
Year: 1966

Sellers original description:

Arguably the best exemplary legally roadworthy replica example for a fraction of the price of the original.

After the run of the TV show, Bob Butts formed Fantasy Cars Ranch in El Cajon, CA. He sold Futura replica's that were molded off the #4 Barris Batmobile TM in the 70's & 80's and this is one of those unbuilt vintage examples I acquired in 2002. Except for the original Futura replica, every other Futura replica sold was turned into a Bat replica for its classic styling. Hence, this is a highly sought '66 TV Bat-Replica on a '76 Pontiac chassis (highly restored). Please be sure to note the title for this replica indicates 2006 because this is when the completed build was titled for a special VIN# assigned when the build concluded. Again, 1966 Batmobile, on a 76 Pontiac Chassis with a title reflecting 2006 only for the year the VIN was assigned. See below for more details.

Because the word "Batmobile" is copyrighted, it is necessary to refer to this replica as a "Bat Car" to avoid any confusion. "Batmobile" and "Batman" are terms owned exclusively by Warner Bros./DC Comics etc.

While there are many glorified kit cars resembling a Bat Car, there are a select few "Butts-bodied" Bat Car replicas built to a very high end museum quality standard as a literal frame-up build on this Pontiac donor chassis. This replica is not only among the highest end replica's built to date (of 3 or 4 like it), it is one of a select few that have FULLY FUNCTIONAL"Bat-implements" that work as they did in the show including but not limited to:

Chrome-plated actuating chain-slicer blade that ejects thru the front bumper
Power Bat Radar "Flyswatter" radar that ejects from the top of the cowl area.
Full aluminum annealed canopy mouldings (There are only 2 or 3 others known with all aluminum trim)
Illuminated flashing Detect-a-scope TM
Hood & Decklid Electric Autoloc-brand rams to raise/lower hood/decklid from the cockpit
Built Pontiac 455 Engine with translucent clear distributor cap
Be-Kool Aluminum Radiator
Rebuilt Pontiac 400 TH Transmission
Lincoln-Futura sculpted plastichromed seat frames
6-way leather power driver's seat
Emergency Bat-turn lever TM
Futura-style steering wheel with functional turn-signals & added 3rd high-mount brake light
Illuminated Bat "Antlers"
Fully functional chrome roll-top dash
Beeping Batman TM style Bat PhoneTM
Chrome Door Sweeps
(2) Paneled storage compartments behind both bucket seats.
Laser-cut Tail Lamp Lens
Bat Spinners on each wheel
Vaccum-operated flip down license plate
Custom-made Chromed Horse-shoe-grip style shifter
Custom Shift Detents PRNDL plate
Radir-Brand 16" Aluninum Wheels
Diamondback redwall tires (1 of 2 cars so equipped)
Hardwired AC/DC Power Invertor (allows you to display the car fully lit up without a drain to the battery) Includes reel-power cord
Aircraft Quality Lexan Canopy
Laser-straight gloss black House of Kolors Paint
Diest-Safety Chutes with era correct patches
Functional Afterburner.

Rear-mount Battery and discreet charging terminals for easy maintenance. As you look at the engine compartment, you don't see a battery or any obvious obtrusive wiring harness' because all wiring was done very carefully so as to minimize the view so as to not detract from this gem.

Corvette-style recessed black powder coated door handles.

The give-away quarter flare "tip in" for the Butts-bodied replicas has been corrected as new for a nearly flawless appearance.
Safety Fuel Cell with correct gas door (very few replicas have a functional gas door)
Everything on this car is "like new" condition overall with select few items needing any attention considering its vintage.
There are ALOT more details that are not mentioned here worthy of note.
There is a TON of documentation about the build and alot of magazine history & trophies etc. The car comes fully documented with lien-free title.
There are a select few unique Batman TM related items that are included with this sale. You may as well have the entire package.
If you do not want attention, this is NOT the car for you. Literally EVERY place you go you will be followed in this Bat Car replica. When you get gas there will be 5 or 6 cars pulling in behind you. When you drive, there will be cars jockeying for position just to get a photo of YOUR car. Easily the most sought-after car at every car show hands down.
If you're anything like me, you will just sit and stare that it is YOUR car in YOUR garage. This will be the best car decision you will make.


1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica 1

1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica 2

1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica 3

1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica Afterburner 1

1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica Afterburner 2

1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica Back

1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica Front 1

1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica Front 2

1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica Side 1

1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica Side 2

1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica Engine Bay

1966 Style TV Bat Car Replica Interior

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