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1965 Cobra Roadster 383 5 Speed
(Featured on 3rd August 2011)

Make: AC
Model: Cobra
Year: 1965

Sellers original description:

Frame up build 1965 Cobra Roadster 383 5 Speed.

When I think the words Shelby or Cobra, two things come to mind: big power and mind blowing performance. It's really the American way to take a small car and shoehorn a high performance V8 between the fenders. The great thing about today verses 40 years ago is that we can take a timeless design and make it that much better with modern components. But if you don't have the time to do it yourself, RK Motors has you covered.

From Factory Five Racing, this 1965 Cobra replica is the ultimate car for someone who wants a pro-built piece without the hassle of tracking down parts and waiting for someone to put them together. Nothing was overlooked or forgotten when this car was assembled over a two year period to be as close to a true 1965 Cobra as possible. And believe me, sweating the details paid off because it would definitely give an original aluminum Cobra a serious run for its money. Factory Five has long been applauded for their great fiberglass work and this car is no exception as the flawless body doesn't have a wave or ripple anywhere. The typical tight gaps found on all Factory Five cars results in excellent panel fit and a smooth canvas for Porsche Artic Silver Metallic and a traditional black Cobra stripe. Completing the cars head turning good looks is a set of correct reproduction black PS Engineering 15 inch wheels and BF Goodrich TA radial tires. And speaking of details; these wheels replicate the original wing nut secured Shelby units all the way down to the correct safety wire.

The devil is certainly in the details and that's where a lot of replicas start to really disappoint. Not so with this car; it features a correct frame, a correct aluminum trunk panel and correct aluminum engine bay panels. The glass, including correct visors is brand new and the driver side exterior mirror looks correct to 1965. New headlights and tail lights look as if they could be original equipment and the jet hot coated side pipes give the exact appearance and profile of an original Cobra. Behind the driver seat is a traditional roll bar finished in the same flat black as the traditional bumperettes. And even small things like the mesh grilles, fender gills and fuel cap appear original. Spend five minutes getting up close and personal with this car and it becomes very apparent that it was carefully built to mimic a true Cobra in every way possible.

But enough about the trim, the real measure of a Cobra is how it performs and I can assure that you won't be disappointed. The car features a 351 Windsor V8 stroked to 383 cubic inches. The top end of the motor is beefed up by a 750 Demon carburetor, an Edelbrock RPM aluminum intake and World Product Jack Roush heads. An MSD Distributor provides the spark through Taylor wires while a hydraulic cam, hydraulic lifters and roller tip rockers turn up the power even further. Cooling isn't an issue as a Ron Davis Racing aluminum radiator and an aluminum water pump keep everything in check. Inside the flat black engine bay a Cobra air filter and Cobra valve covers inversely complement the black on silver exterior paint. The clean, flat black engine bay is completed by aluminum pulleys and braided hoses adding just the right amount of detail and brightwork.A look underneath the car shows the continuation of that clean black and metal theme with the black frame and suspension components contrasting the natural finish metal floorpan.

One of the best things about buying a complete car is the modern technology already incorporated into that car. Bolted into this Cobra's correct frame is a modern TKO 5 speed performance transmission. That transmission feeds power to a proven Mustang based 8.8 inch rear axle housing with 3.73 gears. Whenthis drivetrain is combined with Factory Five's modern Mustang 5.0 based suspension, the result is a car that's insanely fun to drive because of its low power to weight ratio but doesn't need to stop at every gas station in the process. But if you do need to stop, it shouldn't be a problem with power assisted front disc brakes.

Inside the car you'll find new correct bucket seats finished in black leather with four point Simpson harnesses. A correct reproduction dash houses correct Smiths gauges and features the correct 8,000 RPM no redline tachometer. New carpet is protected by Cobra floor mats. And details include a replica wood and aluminum steering wheel, achrome shifter and hand brake and a new chrome fire extinguisher. Behind the cockpit a fully carpeted trunk houses only the battery and retains much of its usability. I haven't seen many replicas that are this well done and have this level of detail. From top to bottom, nothing has been overlooked inside or out.

Carefully assembled, flawless in condition and equipped with the hardware to deliver the ride of your life, this car is sure to satisfy anyone in the market for the complete package.


1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed 1

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed front

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed 2

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed 3

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed 4

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed 5

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed back

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed 6

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed trunk

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed wheel

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed engine bay 1

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed engine bay 2

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed underside

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed interior 1

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed interior 2

1965 cobra roadster 383 5 speed speedometer

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