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1983 Cadillac Eldorado Coupe
(Featured on 8th May 2011)

Make: Cadillac
Model: Eldorado
Year: 1983
Registration: DFY 9278
Mileage: 6239

Sellers original description:

Cadillac. This name has always been synonymous with luxury, quality and prestige. Owning a Cadillac has been pursued by many looking for a vehicle with the type of style that only a few vehicles can provide.

This 1983 Cadillac Eldorado “Touring Coupe” is of the finest pedigree with less than 6300 original miles on the odometer. Having spent the majority of it’s life sitting in a collectors climate controlled storage building has ensured that it’s condition is unquestionably perfect down to the last detail.

This beautiful Eldorado was delivered to John Sitko of South Holland, Illinois on April 15th, 1983 with a documented 7 miles driven on the road. From the date that it was purchased up to the date that the current owner purchased it on October 4th, 2004 only 6010 documented miles were driven. To this date the current owner has only driven this “Caddy” a mind boggling 222 miles.

In 1983 Cadillac had two special editions offered. The Touring Coupe and Biarritz. Touring Coupes had (no surprise) a touring suspension, large-diameter stabilizer bars, larger P225/70R15 steel-belted radial tires, and special cloisonne hood medallion. Only two body colors were available: Sonora Saddle Firemist (light brown) which this car is painted and Sable Black. Reclining saddle leather-faced front bucket seats offered lumbar and lateral support, and included a console. The original window stickerand bill of sale.

The interior is like looking at a time capsule to new ones rolling off the assembly line in 1983. The care that was given during it’s short time riding on the road is very impressive. Every detail and feature works and functions correctly down to the factory style installed CB Radio which was connected from the Dealer. The seats look like they have never seen a human being behind the wheel. There is no indication of even a scuff, scratch or wrinkle in any of the leather seating areas or features. It has lived it’s life in pure pampering and love.

The exterior is just as impressive as the inside. Having spent all this time and not to have a blemish, dent or scratch on the factory Firemist exterior is extraordinary. The chrome, stainless, moldings, headlights, handles and everything in between shines like the day it was born.

The underhood and underneath shows just as well as the rest of the car with everything still intact from the factory. Other than oil and filters and a few small services over the years every nut, bolt, clip, retainer, belt and plug is completely original. I am still blown away how no signs of surface rust has shown up on any part of the engine bay or chassis.

Let’s get to the documentation that comes with the sale of this Eldorado:

Original and Copy of the Window Sticker

Original and Copy of the Build Sheet

Original Odometer reading from the Dealer at purchase

Original Warranty Card

Original Owner Manual

A large amount of Marketing Material

A large amount of correspondence emails from the original owner and the current owner.

All of this documentation has been preserved and protected in plastic stored in a binder.

To find one of these in this condition is not impossible but very improbable. This two owner Cadillac is a priceless collectible for any luxury car enthusiast. With the amount of documented history given and the care that has been taken in preserving it, this is a solid investment grade car that will assuredly appreciate over time.


1983 cadillac eldorado coupe 1

1983 cadillac eldorado coupe front


1983 cadillac eldorado coupe 2

1983 cadillac eldorado coupe 3

1983 cadillac eldorado coupe 4

1983 cadillac eldorado coupe back

1983 cadillac eldorado coupe 5

1983 cadillac eldorado coupe wheel

1983 cadillac eldorado coupe engine bay

1983 cadillac eldorado coupe interior

1983 cadillac eldorado coupe speedometer

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