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1969 Chevrolet COPO 427 Camaro Tribute
(Featured on 8th May 2011)

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Camaro
Year: 1969

Sellers original description:

1969 Chevrolet COPO 427 Camaro Tribute.

The Mopar gang will tell you Hemi is ..four letters for performance,.. and Ford's got a good case for BOSS, but the bowtie faithful have their own--COPO. Prior to the performance wars of the 60..s Central Office Production Order allowances were made for eccentric paint colors, disallowed trim combinations and everything else from red seat belts in a green car to a four door Corvair. The central office got busy in the performance era, though, stuffing engines into cars which weren't supposed to have them. Think Z11 Chevelles, L88 Corvettes and more--a COPO order opened up the Chevrolet toy store, and, specifically, Corvette engines. Here, recreated down to the faux window sticker on the glass, is one of the most famous--the L72 427/425hp 1969 Camaro.

You have to start with the mechanicals, and this one won't disappoint. That..s a true 3963512 427 four bolt main block under the hood, and anyone who..s tried to find one will tell you how rare they are. A steel crank, heavy duty steel rods and pop-up 11:1 pistons revolve around the machined block. Square port heads bolt to the decks and get fed by the correct Winters intake manifold, casting 3933163. Up top is the correct cowl induction air cleaner, but underneath is a Mighty Demon 800cfm carb, which works a ton better than a worn-out Holley and is virtually invisible with the air cleaner installed. You..ll find the correct alternator bracket (with no hole on top,) new GM hoses and tower clamps, the correct exhaust manifold bolt keepers and more. The compartment itself is finished in the proper satin black, even and smooth. The car runs as well as it looks, too!

Get the car on a lift to inspect the find mint floor pans coated in glossy white paint. This isn..t a 100% correct car, so some liberties were taken in the name of show points. Body plugs are stuck down with the appropriate sealer which oozed out as original. A properly detailed 12 bolt is out back hung by detailed and tagged leaf springs. The front suspension and braking systems (manual discs up front) are highly detailed, as well. The reproduction chambered exhaust system is all new from the exhaust manifolds to the dual tailpipes. There..s a Muncie M21 close ration four speed box behind the motor, connected to the axle by a new driveshaft. Crayon, ink and wax markings are everywhere from one end to the other. This is a chassis where the phrase "highly detailed" just doesn't cut it.

Open the door and examine the code 721 medium green interior. You're staring at the least informative dash possible with nothing more than a speedometer, a gas gauge and a couple of idiot lights. There isn't even a radio in here! Sure, you could get additional options on a COPO car, but most are stripped out--they were race cars for the street. Why bother paying for a radio you couldn't hear over the exhaust system or buy gauges that weren't accurate from day one? The pair of fresh buckets is separated by the chrome Hurst stick sticking out of brand new carpeting. The door panels, the seats, the dash pad, the visors, the armrests...all new. New chrome pieces from the sun visor brackets to the seat belt buckles shines better than new. Strap into your lap and shoulder belts and hang on!

Sight down the straight body and smile--this was no rush job. Dover White, the original color, has been laid down with precision. Door, fender, hood and trunk gaps are factory spec, and all panels close with a solid feeling. Reproduction badges, lights, lenses and the grille are all mint. Classic painted steel wheels with poverty caps are at all four corners wrapped in G70x14 Goodyear Polyglas tires, and look appropriately menacing. The cowl hood is finished as well underneath as it is on top, the jambs were not forgotten, the glass is new as is the weatherstripping. Who knew a white car could look so menacing?

From the correct engine to the Muncie underneath to the 12 bolt out back, and from the fresh, correct exterior to the new and clean interior this is a high dollar tribute and a #1 show car. Tribute prices have never been more attractive--you simply can't build a car like this for the money, and it's your choice whether to trailer it and show it around or drive the wheels off!


1969 chevrolet copo 427 camaro tribute 1

1969 chevrolet copo 427 camaro tribute 2

1969 chevrolet copo 427 camaro tribute 3

1969 chevrolet copo 427 camaro tribute 4

1969 chevrolet copo 427 camaro tribute back

1969 chevrolet copo 427 camaro tribute engine bay 1

1969 chevrolet copo 427 camaro tribute engine bay 2

1969 chevrolet copo 427 camaro tribute underside

1969 chevrolet copo 427 camaro tribute interior 1

1969 chevrolet copo 427 camaro tribute interior 2

1969 chevrolet copo 427 camaro tribute rear seats

1969 chevrolet copo 427 camaro tribute dashboard

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