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1960 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Custom
(Featured on 30th August 2011)

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Year: 1960

Sellers original description:

The ’60 Corvette is Celebrating its 50th Birthday!

In honor of this occasion, we are offering the best designer 1960 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible we have ever seen. The custom fully Cad designed Powder Coated Mandrel Bent Tubing Chassis was designed and crafted to the highest standards by Street Shop of Georgia. Street Shop then added a GM factory Ram Jet 350cid fuel injected motor with 350hp and 400lb ft of torque, Keisler Automotive Eng. Tremac 5 speed TKO 500 transmission, PowerMaster Hi-Torque starter, Griffin Aluminum Radiator with 2 1.25” rows, HydroBoost hydraulic power brakes with stainless braided hoses, Brand New 89-96 Corvette Rear Suspension and Brakes, rack & pinion steering, ALDAN Aluminum Adjustable Coil Overs on all four corners, Flaming River steering column, Hydraulic Clutch and Poly Urethane Bushings throughout. All the best parts, with not a dime spared, went into building this high luxury, high performance and highly reliability designer car.

Once Street Shop finished their part of the build process, the car was shipped to Corvette Mike California, where Gary Kuchan, with over 45 years of experience building and restoring classic corvettes, took over the project and completion of the Top Flight Show Quality result you see today. Under Gary’s watchful eye, all body components were shipped to Dave Schwartz of Los Angeles to produce a flawless custom yellow and champagne two tone painted body and components. Over 80 man hours were spent in the preparation and painting of the components. Once approved by Gary, all painted components were shipped back to Corvette Mike and Gary went to work assembling the body, fenders, new top, a totally new Custom designed and detailed Leather interior, instruments, controls, state of the art CD stereo system and every other component to produce this excellent designer custom conversion, while still retaining the basic looks of this 50 year old classic automobile. This is truly a one of a kind, 1960 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible, but with all the advantages of modern technology.

This 1960 Chevrolet Corvette Convertible Custom was purposely fabricated using the finest modern components available. The caliber of all work performed on this vehicle is of the highest quality, the entire vehicle both highly detailed as well as being extremely well finished. If you want to drive the best looking classic Corvette and never worry about getting to, and back, from your destination, while having fun doing it, this is the car for you.

Some more history on this car:

It began its new life with present owner (Tom) out of a barn in Springfiled Vt. in 1980 as a fully disassembled car. She was transported to her new home in the greater Boston area where re-assembly and restoration was begun. After nearly a decade of just "not quite finished" (Tom also enjoys a 66 he has had since 75, and still owns today) it was trailered to Tom's new home in Austin Tx. There the vehicle was finally completed in Sky Blue/White with Red interior to original specs. By 2000 Tom was now the proud owner of one of every generation Corvette including the 66, a 71 restored after purchasing as a fire wreck, a 94 he drove to the Yukon Canada and a 98 that he spends much time at local tracks with.

In 2005 he felt the time had come to do something very special with the 60 and turn it into something unlike any other C1 ever. The vehicle was shipped to friend and Corvette expert, Corvette Mike, where disassembly began once again. In parallel Tom went to Athens Ga and recruited the experts at "Street Shop" to construct a custom frame and chassis assembly to his specifications. At the time of chassis completion, Tom re-visited with the folks at Street Shop and inspected the final results, and when fully satisfied, the chassis was shipped to Corvette Mike, where the process of fit, adjustment and detailing began. At this stage many key elements of the construction were begun simultaneously. The body once satisfied to be a perfect fit for the new chassis, was then shipped to Gary McDonald of Lake Elsinore Ca for weeks of hand paint preparation and detailing. At the same time the interior was being hand crafted, all chrome refinished to show quality and dash electronics recalibrated and restored. Upon prep completion the body was then shipped to Dave Schwartz of Los Angeles, renowned for some of finest show winning custom paint work in the West, where Dave spent the next several months finishing the car in Corvette Millennium Yellow with Champagne accents to museum level quality.

Finally the body was ready to be re-united with the interior and chassis back at Corvette Mike where every detail was hand finished and assembled. From its custom exhaust to leather wrapped steering wheel and shifter to perfectly fitted air conditioning and American Torque Thrust wheels the finished product is a masterpiece of American muscle. Every nut and bolt is brand new and numerous original pieces were retained wherever feasible to provide an authentic original 1960 Corvette that performs like a 21st century exotic car.


1960 chevrolet corvette convertible custom 1

1960 chevrolet corvette convertible custom 2

1960 chevrolet corvette convertible custom 3

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1960 chevrolet corvette convertible custom 5

1960 chevrolet corvette convertible custom wheel

1960 chevrolet corvette convertible custom engine bay 1

1960 chevrolet corvette convertible custom engine bay 2

1960 chevrolet corvette convertible custom interior 1

1960 chevrolet corvette convertible custom interior 2

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