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1990 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1
(Featured on 8th May 2011)

Make: Chevrolet
Model: Corvette
Year: 1990
Mileage: 25

Sellers original description:

1990 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1

Destined to be an instant collectible. in 1990, many Corvette ZR-1's found themselves in for low mileage use and storage. It's easy to find a car with 5000 miles or 500 miles--they're everywhere. What we have here is different: Including pre-ship test miles the odometer reads a total of 25, and the car was NEVER dealer prepped. That's right, it's still in the wrapper from Bowling Green and 99.9% original!

Does the radio or A/C work? We couldn't tell you. See, there's a memory fuse that's installed by the dealer to turn them on, and the fuse comes hanging from the turn signal stalk in a blister pack. The fuse was never put in at the factory to make sure the battery wouldn't run down. That fuse is still in the blister--the radio wasn't even tested by the original and only owner!

The interior shows what a car looked like straight from the truck. Plastic bags on the seats, Corvette paper carpet savers on the floors, the plastic cover on the steering wheel, hang tags on the mirror, parking brake lever and shifter, and the unopened dealer prep packet are inside. We lifted the cover completely off the driver's seat and partially from the passenger side for the pictures, and we were the first to do it! Of course, every surface is perfect with no scratches, or marks...does that even need to be said about a car with 25 miles on it? The original protective film and care instructions for the glass top are over your head, and the window and content stickers are in place on the windshield. The original red top (this is a two top car) is still latched in place in the hatch.

Pieces which never made it onto the car include the four center caps (taken out of their part-numbered bag for the photo for the first time,) the lug nut covers, the locking wheel nuts, the floor mats, the front license plate cover, the front spoiler and the aforementioned fuse. About six years' worth of Corvette Quarterly, new in their plastic bags, are in the car, along with a dozen magazines with ZR-1 road tests, like the ..Corvette from Hell.. Motor Trend issues. We have the original owner's manual packet with audio cassette (in the original bag,) the audio demo and Bose demo cassettes in their wrappers. ZR-1 owners also received a box full of goodies--a reproduction window sticker, keychain, VHS tape about the build, a hardcover book about the car and a leather portfolio with the owner's name and serial number were the contents. Not only is everything new and unopened we have the original shipping box it came in! We have the ..thank you.. letter from GM, a recall notice and the original shipping invoice from Bowling Green to the dealer in MA, too!

Outside, the car looks slightly bare with the lack of front spoiler, center caps, lug covers or plate bracket, but the oddest look for sure is the big white sticker on the top. There's even a notice label on that sticker about the care of the panel, still there from the top supplier. There are also two rubber door guards on the driver door (and not the right side--the delivery driver didn't need access through there.) The paint is period typical, meaning it's mostly flat and smooth, but nowhere near today's standards...Corvettes were still built to a previous standard, and that's not great. The hatches and doors all close solidly, as they should. We gave the car its first wax job, too--this is an unmolested car. The picture of the headlights on is the first time those motors have been used since they were tested at the factory!

Under the hood is the only non-original part on the entire car--the battery. There's simply no way to keep one alive for 20 years. It's a Delco replacement, which is as close as you can get to new. The original belts runs the original accessories, the original ..Corvette LT5.. plug wires feed the original plugs, and the original filter screens the original oil in the crankcase. All of the original hoses, the original lights and every other part is still in place. The only spot of wear/age on the car is the paint bubbled on the throttle body: This is a common problem for all ZR-1's. Otherwise it's 1990 all over again, everywhere. The undercarriage has nothing but light dust, and all alloy pieces are perfect. Not only was this car kept in stasis, it was kept in a climate controlled garage!

This car isn't for everyone. It belongs in a museum or a significant enough collection that it'll remain a stationary piece, frozen in time. The cost (and value) of the car is in its lack of use; once driven, it becomes ..just.. another ZR-1. These cars have not yet found their market, but rest assured--they will. They're simply too special not to. With renewed interest in the name thanks to the current ZR1 the ..king of the hill.. will soon take its throne, and this first-class collectible will lead the charge.


1990 chevrolet corvette zr-1 1

1990 chevrolet corvette zr-1 front 1

1990 chevrolet corvette zr-1 front pop up lights

1990 chevrolet corvette zr-1 2

1990 chevrolet corvette zr-1 3

1990 chevrolet corvette zr-1 4

1990 chevrolet corvette zr-1 back

1990 chevrolet corvette zr-1 5

1990 chevrolet corvette zr-1 wheel

1990 chevrolet corvette zr-1 engine bay

1990 chevrolet corvette zr-1 dashboard

1990 chevrolet corvette zr-1 speedometer

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